Colin Dobson (see update at end re donations instead of flowers)

‘That will cost you a pint Mike’.
Colin Dobson, well known on trumpet with Billy “Wakey, Wakey” Cotton Band) talking to Mike Barry (left) at Farnborough Jazz Club.
26th September 2014
Photo by Mike Witt.

On behalf of his family, we are sorry to be the bearer of such news.  It is with huge sadness we tell you, dear friend Colin Dobson has left this world and (we’d like to think) he has joined other wonderful musicians, who have gone before him.  We sure would like to think he is now having a hoot, enjoying their music up in the great beyond.  Oh – what a sound they must hopefully be pouring out, yeah. 

It is nice to know, his family said he passed on peacefully.  What a lovely man – he never had a bad word for anyone, always with a smile on that warm face of his.  Of course you will remember, Colin Dobson (who was born 1929) played trumpet with the famous radio and TV famed Billy Cotton Band Show (wakey-wake-aaaay).  Their theme tune was ‘Somebody Stole My Gal’. 

His family have the funeral arranged for 14th December 2018, so if you would like to attend and wish to know the details, please email me at  If you knew him personally from years ago, but cant make it, please also email and tell us your own memories of him.  The family will be most grateful. 

The family have also arranged to have a celebration of Colin’s life be held at The Farnborough Jazz Club that evening from 8:00pm till 11:00pm.   BOB DWYER’S BIX & PIECES will make sure it will be a great send-off. 

As several people have asked about where to send donations instead of
flowers, so the family have looked for charities that encourage children and
teenagers to learn to play instruments as Colin was always keen to do
this himself.  You can choose either:

Foundation for Young Musicians supporting bursaries for young people’s
musical education at the Centre for Young Musicians

More nationally
Music for Schools Foundation providing instrumental tuition in primary
schools <>

The family also thank you all for your support and friendship for Colin

Diane and Keith

Phoenix Dixieland Jazz Band, Friday 30th November 2018

The PHOENIX DIXIELAND JAZZ BAND are back tonight, Friday, 30th November 2018 here at FARNBOROUGH JAZZ CLUB (Kent).   Today is St Andrews Day, so here’s the flag to say happy special day to anyone Scottish.    Drummer, Alan Clarke carried on running the band when Robin Coombs retired.  Tonight Alan has booked MIKE COTTON on trumpet, CHARLES SHERWOOD on clarinet, BILL TODD on trombone/vocs, ALAN obviously on drums, ROGER CURPHEY on double bass and ALAN BERRY on piano.  Now that is a lovely band, certainly you shouldn’t miss it.  See you all in your hordes.

Diane and Keith – hosting

Great picture aye? Showing Alan Clarke (drums) and Roger Curphey (double bass) enjoying his pint with the Phoenix Dixieland Jazz Band at Farnborough Jazz Club (Kent) on 5th June 2015. Photo by Mike Witt.


Alan Berry on piano and Roger Curphey on double bass with Phoenix Dixieland Jazz Band on 23 February 2018 at Farnborough Jazz Club, Kent. Photo by Alan Walker






George ‘Kid’ Tidiman’s All Stars, 23rd November 2018

George ‘Kid’ Tidiman (trombonist) brings his ‘All Stars’ to Farnborough Jazz Club, Kent on 6 July 2017. Photo by Mike Witt,

George ‘Kid’ Tidiman’s All Stars at Farnborough Jazz Club on 1st April 2016. (LtoR) Tim Huskisson on clarinet, with Denny Ilett (trumpet) and George ‘Kid’ Tidiman (trombone). Photo by Mike Witt.










Denny Ilett plays trumpet with an intro’ to ‘Starlight’. enjoyed by George ‘Kid’ Tidiman. George ‘Kid’ Tidiman’s All Stars at Farnborough Jazz Club (Kent) on 1st April 2016. Photo by Mike Witt.


GEORGE ‘KID’ TIDIMAN’S ALL STARS will be with us again here at FARNBOROUGH JAZZ CLUB, this Friday, 23rd November 2018.   You will be wanting to know who our trombonist ‘Kid’, GEORGE has with him.   Well. we’re very pleased to tell you he has DENNY ISLETT on trumpet, TIM HUSKISSON on clarinetplus a strong boiler room of JOHN SIRET on double bass, ‘SOUTHEND BOB’ ALBUTT on banjo & vocals and BILL FINCH on drums. They all travel a long way to give you a show of their wonderful talent.  We have often expected a coachload of supporters but…..seriously, the more of you turn up, the more a band will feel good and then play their hearts out.  This is sure to be one of those evenings that leave you coming away at the end of the evening on a ‘high’, saying “oh what a session”, so don’t miss it!

Diane (& Keith)

Bill Finch on drums and ‘Southend Bill’ Allbut on banjo with George ‘Kid’ Tidiman’s All Stars at Farnborough Jazz Club on 18th September 2015. Photo by Mike Witt.

John Sirett plays double bass with George ‘Kid’ Tidiman’s All Stars at Farnborough Jazz Club on 18th September 2015. Photo by Mike Witt.



Pedigree Jazz Band’s ‘A Salute to Trad Jazz’, Friday 16th November 2018


Chris Walker, band leader of Pedigree Jazz Band, 2018. Taken from his own website

THE PEDIGREE JAZZ BAND (SPONSORED BY MARSTON’S BREWERY) are on tour again to present ‘A Salute to Trad Jazz’.  Their clarinettist and band leader, CHRIS WALKER arranges for the band to come on tour ‘down south’ every year and once again will appear here, FARNBOROUGH JAZZ CLUB, tomorrow, (Friday), 16th November 2018.  We are second on their schedule – they are at Hastings Jazz Club tonight (Thursday).        Chris has booked to join him, TONY MANN on trombone, ANDY CHISLETT on trumpet, JOHN NODDINGS on banjo & guitar, KEN AMES on double bass and playing here on drums  for the very first time will be SY GORELICK (pronounced G’Relic).   (See C.V.’s in ‘Page’ above).   We hope Sy enjoys the lovely acoustics that musicians say our Farnborough Jazz Club premises has.  Plus, a word to our Farnborough audience, let’s give him a warm fun welcome please, thanks (‘cos I know you are going to come in your hoards!). 

Pedigree Jazz Band (A Salute to Trad Jazz) – from their website L2R: Andy Chislett (t), John Noddings (b), Tony Mann (trb),    Sy Gorelick (drms), Chris Walker (cl) and Ken Ames (d.b).

The idea behind these tours is to give a little bit of history behind ‘trad’ Jazz, bringing a plethora of different numbers from the 50’s and 60’s. Don’t forget, this band fare from Burton-on-Trent, East Staffordshire, about 180 miles (from ‘up North’).  For anyone coming for the first time, we have a Shepherd Neame bar (with club prices) and we enjoy a dance or three or more.  Also, we have plenty of free parking.  So please come and support us and this lovely band, who will give you a wonderful evening’s entertainment.

Keep all jazz ‘Live’ with your support.

Your hosts, Diane and Keith

Tony Pitt’s All Stars, Friday 9th November 2018


Tony Pitt’s All Stars at Farnborough Jazz Club, Kent, UK on 21st November 2014 – with Tony pictured. Photo by Mike Wit

When the TONY PITT’S ALL STARS come to play for us, we are always rewarded with their excellent performances … absolute sheer brilliance..  Excitingly, we can tell you they’ll be here again (tonight) FRIDAY, 9th November 2018, here at the FARNBOROUGH JAZZ CLUB (Kent)TONY, who plays banjo, has booked that exciting trombonists – you’ve guessed it, none-other than ROY WILLIAMS.  Roy was voted No.1 jazz trombonist of the year, on four consecutive years during the ‘80s (see newsletter 30/8/2013).  Joining them,  we have ALAN GRESTY on trumpet &vocals, plus AL NICHOLLS on soprano &tenor sax, ANDY LAURENCE on double bass and JOHN TYSON on drums.   You must admit, that is one hell of a line-up, so make sure you don’t miss this evening, starting at 8:00pm.  (Non-members are always welcome).  There is a Shepherd Neame bar and we have free parking.

Your hosts, Diane and Keith

Front line of Tony Pitt’s All Stars Jazz Band, playing for co-promoter, Keith Grant’s birthday at Farnborough Jazz Club on 12th August 2016. (LtoR) Dave Hewitt (trombone), Alan Gresty (trumpet), Al Nichols (soprano sax) plus Andy Lawrence behind (d.bass). Photo by Mike Witt (also a b’day boy).

Roy Williams (trmb) and Trevor Evans (bass) with Tony Pitt’s All Stars at Farnborough Jazz Club, Kent, UK on 21st November 2014. Photo by Mike Witt.











What an ‘engine’ aye? Andy Laurence on double bass, John Tyson on drums and the man himself, Tony Pitt on banjo with ‘Tony Pitt’s All Stars’ at Farnborough Jazz Club (Kent) on 9th October 2015. Photo by Mike Witt.

Sussex Jazz Kings, Friday 2nd November 2018

Taken from Sussex Jazz Kings’ website, (LtoR) Iain McAualay (trombone), Peter Clancy (bass&sousa), band leader Dave Stradwick (trumpet), Paul Sealey (banjo), Bernard Stutt (clarinet) and Pete Lay (drums).

Yes, it’s SUSSEX JAZZ KINGS playing here at our FARNBOROUGH JAZZ CLUB (Kent) tonight, Friday 2nd November 2018.  I know, I’m late again, but for your info, they are band leader DAVE STRADWICK on trumpet, BERNARD STUTT on clarinet, with IAIN McAUALAY on trombone, plus PETE LAY on drums, PETER CLANCY on bass&sousa and PAUL SEALEY on banjo (10yrs with the great Chris Barber’s band) and they are sure to entertain you with their enthusiasm and gusto.  See you tonight – 8:00pm start.  You’ll be ‘keeping jazz live’.

Your jazz hosts, Diane and Keith

Yerba Buena Celebration Jazz Band, Friday 26th October 2018

Mike Barry, Band leader & trumpeter singing at Farnborough Jazz Club(Kent) in 2017. Photo by Mike Witt.

Yippee, it’s the ‘YERBA BUENA CELEBRATION JAZZ BAND’ back here at the FARNBOROUGH JAZZ CLUB (Kent) this Friday 26th October 2018.   They give out a wonderful replicated West Coast sound of the famous two trumpets of Lew Watters’  &  Bob Scobey, with the trombone of Turk Murphy .  These talented musicians who manage it are ALAN GRESTIE (1st trumpet &vocals), MIKE BARRY (band leader, 2nd trumpet &vocals), GOFF DUBBER (clarinet), COLIN GRAHAM (trombone), plus  TIM HUSKISSON (piano), PETE LAY (drums), JOHN ARTHY (tuba) and NICK SINGER (banjo).    You can certainly enjoy a dance or two  and the Shepherd Neame bar with club prices, so see you all on Friday for an 8:00pm start.   Some of us friendly witches & warlocks will be coming in our work clothes to listen to our jazz, so if you wish to join us and dress up, you will be most welcome.   

We have plenty of free parking – Our postcode is: BR6 7BA .

Dont forget your date with 4-In-A-Bar+1 at Ye Olde Whyte Lyon Pub is this Sunday, 28th October 2018 at 3:00pm till 6:00pm. Tim Huskisson plays piano at this gig.  See our advert in page above

London Jazz Kings, Friday 19th October 2018

Giants play at Farnborough JC, Kent  (Pete Rudeforth & John Tyson) 11sep2015 Photo by Mike Witt

The London Jazz Kings are appearing at our Farnborough Jazz Club (Kent) for the first time in this presentation, on Friday, 19th October 2018 It will be an exciting evening, full of super talent.  How do I know, well because Pete Rudeforth will be playing trumpet and singing a few songs.  We also have another talent, namely Chris Lowe, playing trombone appearing for the first time here.  Let’s show him our usual warm Farnborough welcome.  The rest have been here before and know what a crazy lot we can be, so welcome back to John O’Neil on clarinet &sax, Mick Scriven on bass sax, Bill Traxler on drums and Nick Singer on banjo.  You better get here fast to grab yourself a table (don’t worry if I am not ready – you know my usual moaning self until I am – ha) to have a ball.  Music starts at 8:00pm and finishes at 11:00pm.  Why not come and enjoy a dance, or two.  Oh yes, we have a Shepherd Neame bar. 

Join us, your hosts Diane and Keith


Lord Napier Hot Shots, Friday 12th October 2018


Lord Napier Hotshots -Farnborough Jazz Club (Kent) on Friday 26th February 2016. (LtoR) Bill Traxler (drums) Pat Glover (clarinet), Mike Jackson, (trumpet), Lynn Saunders (banjo) and of course   Mike Duckworth (trombone – luv his yellow&black striped socks). Photo by Mike Witt.

The ‘LORD NAPIER HOT SHOTS’ are playing here at FARNBOROUGH JAZZ CLUB tonight,

Mick Scriven plays his Ned Steinberger electric upright 5 string bass, seen here at Farnborough Jazz Club, playing with Lord Napier Hotshots – 29th July 2016. Photo by Mike Witt

 Friday 12th October 2018.  MIKE JACKSON will be on trumpet, with PAT GLOVER on clarinet, MIKE DUCKWORTH on trombone, LYNN SAUNDERS on banjo, BILL TRAXLER on drums and PETE CLANCY on double bass.  It is such a shame that famous old jazz pub, The Lord Napier in Thornton Heath, was demolished last year, but it seems it may possibly be re-developed and return as a pub.  However, that is likely to be a long way off.   I remember Keith playing drums in Jeff Hatton’s ‘Manhatton Jazz Band’ (Pat & Lynn too), who, during the ‘80’s and 90’s, would play there whenever Bill Brunskill’s band would go on tour.  Bill held a residency from 1968 until the late nineties, which, according to The Thornton Heath Chronicle, was immortalised in a Thames Television documentary “Whatever Happened To Bill Brunskill”.  As the Chronicle said, the jazz heyday was during the seventies and eighties.  I can remember Publican Vic making the pub famous for jazz in the 60’s – The Delta Jazz Band and Mike Daniels Big Band playing there as far back as 50’s.  Publican Bob tried so hard to keep the jazz going till the end. Meanwhile, why not come and give this band some support.  They are a happy bunch of guys and it will be another lovely jazz night.  See you for an 8:00pm start ………

joining Diane and Keith – your hosts.

Royal Couple Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank – 12th October 2018

I cannot close without passing on warm wishes and congratulations to The beautiful Royal couple, Princes Eugenie and Jack on their wedding day.  I took time out to watch most of it (hope to see a re-run too) and would like to say how absolutely beautiful and  elegant Princess Eugenie looked – her dress was gorgeous.  May I, on behalf of Farnborough Jazz Club, wish them a happy life together always.

Golden Eagle Jazz Band, Friday 5th October 2018

Alan Alan Cresswell plays clarinet,, accompanied by Kevin Scott playing with Golden Eagle Jazz Band at Farnborough Jazz Club (Kent) on 17th June 2016. Photo by Mike Witt.

GOLDEN EAGLE JAZZ BAND are back with us at the FARNBOROUGH JAZZ CLUB (Kent) on Friday 5th October 2018.    Band leader, KEVIN SCOTT (tenor banjo &vocals) will be joined by that jolly band of  musicians TONY KARAVIS (trumpet), ALAN CRESSWELL (reeds) and of course ROY STOKES (trombone &vocals), including CHRIS THOMPSON (double bass) and MALC MURPHEY drums).  We may have a special treat for you too.  Kevin said possibly PENNY PAYNE may join us.  Perhaps  we can coax her to sing for us too.  Should be a super evening again. 

Sorry I haven’t got new photos sorted out for you in a while, but soon!

Your hosts, Diane and Keith

P.S. Can’t believe it, but it is our 1st wedding anniversary weekend (Monday being the day)!  So, we hope to really enjoy ourselves too.