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‘Benny Goodman Remembered’ Friday 13 Sept 2019

‘BENNY GOODMAN REMEMBERED’ returns for a 2nd appearance here at our FARNBOROUGH JAZZ CLUB, Kent this Friday, 13th September 2019.  Last March was the band’s debut and as it was so successful, we have been requested to repeat the evening. TIM HUSKISSON will again play clarinet as BENNY GOODMAN, band leader, with COLIN BRAY playing vibraphone, as LIONEL HAMPTON and ALAN BERRY playing piano, as TEDDY WILSON.  Also ROGER CURPHEY will be playing double bass, as SLAM STEWART, plus KEITH GRANT playing drums, as GENE KRUPA and (singing just a few songs – from bottle-fed brunette) DIANE GRANT singing as (actual blonde) PEGGY LEE (I know – try closing your eyes) …. As I said last time, although I’m nervous, I’m so excited to be singing with these brilliant musicians. I have only sung on a few occasions at the club because you do have to pay to come in, however – sorry, you still have to pay but only £10 for these fine musicians – hmmm.  Doors will be open from 7:00pm, with music starting about 8:00pm, finishing at 11:00pm.  Come early, as last time we had a full house.  For certain, we will have a fantastic atmosphere – we always do.  We enjoy dancing, we have a Shepherd Neame bar (served by Kath and Barb). We also have plenty of off-road parking. I think Jackie, John and possibly Len will be helping me at the door to greet you. Diane & Keith

In 1942, Benny Goodman, known as ‘The King of Swing’ & his Orchestra and Peggy Lee recorded ‘Why Don’t You Do Right’. She song it in the film ‘Stage Door Canteen’ in 1943. The ong was written in 1936 by Joseph “Kansas Joe” McCoy. 

1st appearance – ‘Benny Goodman Remembered’  29th March 2019 at Farnborough Jazz Club Kent). Tim Huskisson (clarinet), Colin Bray (vibes), Jonathan Vinton (piano), Keith Donald (dbass), Keith Grant (drums) & Diane Grant (vocals).    Photo by Mike Witt.

Jonathan Vinton (piano), Keith Grant (drums), Keith Donald (dbass) in debut with (out of sight)TimHuskisson (clarinet), Colin Bray (vibes) & Diane Grant Vocals) in ‘Benny Goodman Remembered’ Farnborough Jazz Club, Kent, 29mar2019. Photo by Mike Witt.

Colin Bray plays vibes with Tim Huskisson (clarinet), Jonathan Vinton (piano), Keith Donald (dbass), Keith Grant (drums) with Diane Grant singing. ‘Benny Goodman Remembered’ 1st show- Farnborough Jazz Club 29mar2019. Photo by Mike Witt.

Tim Huskisson plays ‘Benny Goodman Remembered’ with Diane Grant singing, Jonathan Vinton on piano &  Keith Donald on dbass in debut evening with (out of sight) Colin Bray (vibes) & Keith Grant (drums),at Farnborough Jazz Club (Kent) 29mar2019. Photo by Mike Witt.


‘Benny Goodman Remembered’, Friday 29 March 2019

‘Benny Goodman Remembered’ is a Farnborough Jazz Club special being held this Friday, 29th March 2019 . Tim Huskisson will play clarinet) as Benny Goodman, with Colin Bray playing vibraphone as Lionel Hampton and Jonathan Vinton playing piano as Teddy Wilson, Keith Donald will play dbass as Slam Stewart, Keith Grant will play drums as Gene Krupa and (brunette) Diane Grant singing as (blonde) Peggy Lee. Hey, you just cant miss this one, it is our special.  We play from 8:00 till 11:00pm (doors will be open from 7:00pm).  Come early as we are expecting a full house.  For certain, we will have a fantastic atmosphere, however many of you turn up.  It is a shame that our lovely Roger Curphey wont be with us as he is feeling ‘under the weather’, but we are so delighted to tell you double bass player, Keith Donald, has offered to ‘step in’ at the last moment.  It will be Keith’s first appearance here, so please don’t forget to give him a right warm Farnbronian welcome.  Keith plays dbass with John Petters’ band, so he is sure to be special too.  Oh, although I’m nervous, I’m so excited to be singing for you, with these brilliant musicians. ♫We have traditional jazz bands every Friday ♫ There is ample free off road parking (pls try to park close to the next car though). We have a licenced Shepherd Neame bar with club prices. Ian, Cath and Barb will be serving you and oh yes, we enjoy dancing here too. We certainly have a friendly atmosphere and all that for just £10 entrance. Diane & Keith are your hosts. This evening, Jackie, John and possibly Len will be on the door to greet you.

Benny Goodman Quartet – photo from Jacobs Burns Film Centre
Peggy Lee sings with Benny Goodman’s Orchestra 1943