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Tim Huskisson and Friends – 1st May 2022

Tim Huskisson

Tim Huskisson

TIM HUSKISSON – clarinet       PETER RUDEFORTH – trumpet

CHRIS GOWER – trombone           PAUL SEAL – guitar/banjo

ROGER CURPHEY – double bass       ROD BROWN – drums

The guys in this band are Tim’s good friends, yes he’s been their friends for some years.  Tim is our friend too – he’s also been our friend for some years.

Well – we expect a lot of you to turn up in your hordes too, ‘cos I don’t know anyone who doesn’t really like him – and that also reflects in his traditional jazz (sorry to embarrass you Tim – who luv’s yer babe?).

Well I don’t really need to say anything more, except to say we start at 2:00pm till 5:00pm and only charge £10. 

30apr2022: I have just re-published this news letter today.  Our ‘Cable’ was found to be completely perished and had to be replaced.  No wonder I had years of dreadful trouble – and why I learned some naughty words.  Di 

Peter Rudeforth plays trumpet for ‘Granties Dixie Six’ at Farnborough Jazz Club, Kent 8feb2019. Photo by Alan Walker,



Another great photo of Roger Curphey (double bass) – a real action one playing with Alan Clarke (drums) for Phoenix Dixieland Jazz Band at Farnborough Jazz Club (Kent) on 5th June 2015, Photo By Mike Witt.