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Tony Pitt’s All Stars, Friday 28th October 2016

Tony Pitt at Farnborough Jazz Club (Kent). Photo by Mike Witt.

Tony Pitt at Farnborough Jazz Club (Kent). Photo by Mike Witt.

TONY PITT’S ALL STARS will be back again here at FARNBOROUGH JAZZ CLUB (Kent) on FRIDAY, 28th October 2016.     Band leader TONY (banjoist) has ALAN GRESTY (trumpet/vocals), DAVE HEWITT (trombone), AL NICHOLLS (soprano/tenor sax), plus ANDY LAWRENCE (double bass) and JOHN TYSON (drums).  By the way, Tony doesn’t brag, but has played with the great Alex Welsh Band for many year, then with Acker Bilk and his Paramount Jazz Band.  He was also with Kenny Ball and His Jazzmen, plus the fantastic bands of Alan Elsdon, Mike Cotton, Laurie Chescoe, Terry Lightfoot and Phil Mason – quite a C.V. aye?  The guys with him have similarly good résumés, so you know you’ll enjoy this evening.  If you haven’t visited us here  before, get your glad-rags on and join us for a music start of 8:00pm.  We have a friendly atmosphere, dancing, a Shepherd Neame bar with club prices, plus plenty of free parking.

Hosted by Diane and Keith

Here is the video of Tony Pitt’s All Stars taken with Keith tap dancing on his birthday, 12th August 2016.  Click on:   

Please leave your comments on it as to what you think!  The band were superb.

‘Doc Houlind’s Revival All Stars’, Friday 21st October 2016

Soren 'Doc' Houlind taken 2014

Soren ‘Doc’ Houlind taken 2014

‘DOC HOULIND’S REVIVAL ALL STARS’ is a 7-pce band from Denmark appearing at FARNBOROUGH JAZZ CLUB this FRIDAY, 21st OCTOBER 2016.  It is the first time we have had this Danish band, so we must give them a warm welcome to our club, (although Brian and Jesper have appeared here before).   I know they will delight you all with their jazz to listen to, so come on and turn out for this ‘first’ (and we do need you dancers to turn up too).



The musicians on this 2016 Tour will be RAGNAR TRETOW on trumpet (from Sweden), KRISTIAN BARFOED on trombone, JESPER CAPION LARSEN on clarinet, LIS KRØYER on piano, EBBE KJÆRSGAARD HANSEN on banjo, BRIAN TURNOCK (from Watford!) on bass and band leader, SØRENDOC’ HOULIND – is back on drums again for the tour.  ‘Doc’ played drums with Papa Bue’s Band and Sammy Rimington’s Quartet.  Don’t forget, music is from 8:00pm till 11:00pm.union_flag_1606_kings_colors-svgKeep jazz ‘live’ with Diane and Keith

‘LAURIE CHESCOE‘S REUNION BAND’, Friday, 14th October 2016

Laurie Chescoe, jazz drummer extaordinaire, here at Farnborough Jazz Club, Kent (2016)

Laurie Chescoe, jazz drummer extaordinaire, here at Farnborough Jazz Club, Kent (2016)

‘LAURIE CHESCOE’S REUNION BAND’ is back again to our FARNBOROUGH JAZZ CLUB, Kent, on Friday, 14th October 2016.  Drummer LAURIE is joined by  ALLAN ‘Lord Arsenal’ BRADLEY – trumpet & vocals, JOHN LEE – reeds, MIKE POINTONtrombone, COLIN BRAY  piano & sax (possibly xylophone), JIM DOUGLAS – banjo & guitar and PETER SKIVINGTON – bass guitar & bass ukulele.  What a night to look forward to.  Yes, fun and a half to be expected when they turn up, so get over to Farnborough tout suite, wherever you are and whoever you are, you are welcome – enjoy a dance or three.

Live Jazz with the best and with your hosts,

Diane and Keith

Mike Barry’s Frisco Fanatics, 7th October 2016

Mike Barry, Band leader and trumpet playe - r 2016

Mike Barry, Band leader and trumpet playe – r 2016

It’s been such a long time since MIKE BARRY has brought his ‘FRISCO FANATIC’ boys to our Farnborough Jazz Club and we are really looking forward to seeing them back again this Friday, 7th October 2016.  The guys in the band are MIKE on trumpet, with BRIAN WHITE on clarinet, LES HANSCOMBE on trombone, GRAHAM BARTON on piano, NICK SINGER on banjo, MARC EASENER on sousaphone and BRIAN STAPLEY on drums.   So get your buts down (or up, depending where you live) to Farnborough (Kent), where you will have a super time. Great bar, plenty of dancing and certainly fabulous music.

Keep jazz live’

Your hosts, Diane and Keith