70 years celebrating a long & beautiful reign of HM Queen Elizabeth II

1952 – 2022 HM Queen Elizabeth II

A photo from Harpers Bazar I chose as showing HM Queen Elizabeth II with that genuine warmth and beautiful smile – may we remember always.

2022 photo from Daily Mail of Queen Elizabeth II. Showing her wonderfully open smile, we will all surely miss.



We are intending to go ahead as planned this Sunday 18th September. We will make it a double 70th celebration.  Now, it is also a celebration in respect of 70years of The Reign of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.  Even if you are not particularly a Royalist, I’m sure you have felt the same about Her Majesty, the need to thank Her for the way She made us all feel She was family, the fun and happiness She gave us all.  Although the Queen was a great age, it was so unexpected and so it was such a shock.  Show me anyone who worked up to two days before her death at the age of 96years.  I can now think about all of that and ready celebrate – come and join us and smile and celebrate too.      Diane