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The Temperance Seven, Party 4 December 2022

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A couple of months ago in July/August, I began quietly putting out feelers to see if there would be any interest attending, should we book The Temperance Seven.  Keith and I love them, and know they are incredibly popular and highly professional, but we needed reassurance to see if we could have enough ‘bums on seats’ to cover the cost.   However, we are filling up seats now FAST, so if you don’t want to miss the fun, please act quickly. 
Anyway, this year, we have decided to make this world-famous band our Christmas party.  Tickets are only £15 each.  
Most of you know, The Temperance Seven are famed from the 1960’s, playing 1920s-style jazz.  They are a crazy fun band, very professional and talented. 
You can bring your own food, if you wish, although probably candelabras will be too large for their tables.
Their personnel have changed over the years, but their music and style has stayed the same.  Mack White was one, who went on to form his own band, in which Keith was his drummer.
Mike Deighan wrote from Australia of their recent changes within the band and that they were delighted to say they had secured the services of Peter Rudeforth as permanent replacement for their trumpet player, who has moved sideways into their valve-trombone chair.  Ther vocalist has retired to look after his wife and has been replaced by Kevin Kennedy who played the part of Curly Watts in Coronation Street for many years.  (Pete was trumpet player for Christ Barber’s Band FROM 1980 for over 1,000 times). 
We’re looking forward to seeing lots of smiley face, with some use of the dance floor as well as in the aisle (although we are all a bit out of practice).  You may like to dress up 1920’s style, (but optional).
Date: Sunday, 4th December 2022 held at Farnborough Social Club. Doors open from 1:00pm. Music: 2:00-5:00pm 
For more info- contact Keith & Di: 041-90009 to book & how to pay. 
Don’t leave it too long and be disappointed.