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70years celebrating running Farnborough Jazz

FREE – 18 September 2022

‘DOOLALLY TAP’ will play at

Farnborough Jazz’  70 YEARS CELEBATION

We are celebrating bringing 70years of top-class Jazz to our wonderful Farnborough Village from all over the World we’ve brought bands to Farnborough, from America (incl. New Orleans), Australia, Hungary, Sweden, Holland and Germany, performing at The George & Dragon, The Change of Horses, The Woodman, The Village Hall, The Sports Club, The Social Club and Ye Olde Whyte Lyon at Lock’s Bottom.

We will be presenting an afternoon of happy Jazz, performed by ‘DOOLALLY TAP’ Sunday, 18th September 2022 from 2:00pm till 5:00pm, with an exhibition and Sale of Jazz Art by Keith Grant and presented by Diane.

Admission is FREE! So come along and celebrate this unique occasion with us at the Farnborough Social Club.

‘Doolally Tap’ 18th September 2022 (2-5pm)

As a little girl, even in latter times my sister confirms, I would be known to actually say ‘doodally’ – people even knew me as ‘doolally’. Keith must be ‘doolally‘ to have raced motor cars at an average 200mph, among other crazy things. So, I know we shall get on well with this lot and it is obvious they will fit in with us too! The band is ‘DOOLALLY TAP’

Their Line-up is:

David Lalljee – trombone

Titch Walker – trumpet

David Bitelli   – clarinet

Sean Moyses – banjo

Mick Scriven  – bass saxophone

Performing a heady hot jazz mix of rambunctious rags, swinging blues and beautiful 1920s melodies, Doolally Tap’s infectious energy and style continue to win them fans wherever they play. Led by ace trombonist David Lalljee, their exuberant, brassy live performances recreate the original frolicsome fun and energy of the prohibition era in true New Orleans style. Not to be missed!

Sean Moyses (The Banjo Man) is playing as guest star.  I watched ‘Mapleleaf Rag’ on-line – brilliant!

You just have to listen and watch his fingers yourself and you’ll be blown away, there is no need to ‘sell him’ to you, he’ll do that for himself.

I wish to add this photo – showing when Nick played with ‘Bob Dwyer’s Bix & Pieces’ on Friday evening, 30th January 2015, at Farnborough Jazz (Football Club):

Nick Singer (banjo) with Bob Dwyer’s Bix & Pieces at Farnborough Jazz Club on 30th January 2015. Photo by Mike Witt.

I wrote the following about that week:

“Nick came forward to sing ‘Tishomingo Blues’.  Nick has a wonderful (dare I say gravel) voice so suited to the trad world, don’t ever stop singing Nick”.

I’m sure wherever ‘we go’ Nick, if you are able to utter sounds like you were able to do in this world, you will be singing at the top of your ‘voice’ entertaining who-ever you joined, Nick.