Mahogany Hall Stompers

When the band was formed in 2001, BRIAN GILES on cornet, was appointed leader of the MAHOGANY HALL STOMPERS, on account of his ability to shout louder than the other musicians and his courage whilst standing in the middle with his back to the band.

The distinctive sound and character of the band has developed from the member’s ability to adopt their style of playing from New Orleans, King Oliver and Dixieland, to Whiteman and Ellington. I suspect that their effort may be assisted by the bands insistence that all performances take place within spitting distance of a licensed bar.

The cornet plays a very clear lead and is sided by a remarkably talented clarinet player, TIM HUSKISSON and the experienced driving trombone of LES HANSCOMB. Les survived six years with the Ken Collyer Band. But we are all fans, therefore, tolerance must prevail and we try not to hold it against him.

The firm foundation of the MAHOGANY HALL STOMPERS is laid down by the listening, swinging rhythm section with EDDY JOHNSON on bass, CHRIST MARCHANT on drums and ‘SOUTHEND BOB’ ALLBUT on banjo and vocals. Bob, who is a great fan of Clancy Hayes music, sings well over one hundred numbers, most with verses. I’m told he’s been singing ever since he was old enough to defend himself.

You will be made welcome at the Farnborough Jazz Club, so come along, meet Diane and Keith, who run the club, make new friends and enjoy fun music played from the heart!