Monthly Archives: June 2019

Mike Barry’s Uptown Gang, Friday 21st June 2019

MIKE BARRY’S UPTOWN GANG are here tonight, Friday, 22nd June 2019. So get your best bib and tucker on, plus your dance shoes and join us here at our  FARNBOROUGH JAZZ CLUB (Kent),  Trumpeter MIKE has got GOFF DUBBER on reeds, ‘WHISPERING’ MIKE HOLT on trombone & vocals, JOHN STEWART’s on banjo & guitar, with ROGER CURPHEY on double bass and GRAHAM COLICOTT on drums.  There you go, what a lovely line-up that is.  I can almost smell the atmosphere already/  Sorry I know I was a bit optimistic with that heatwave I mention last week – some weather forecaster quoted 25degrees somewhere, then we never saw that quoted again , but it certainly looks lovely today, so we may even be able to have the doors open for you tonight.  Lovely…. So come and join us – your hosts Diane and Keith.

George ‘Kid’ Tidiman’s All Stars. Friday, 14th June 2019

Hey guys and dolls, come on over and visit us – here at FARNBOROUGH JAZZ CLUB (Kent).  We have heard we are ‘Having a Heatwave’.  At the same time, you can say hi to GEORGE ‘KID’ TIDIMAN and his ALL STARS.  They are playing for us this Friday, 14th JUNE 2019.  We want a special turn-out this Friday – why?  Well just to celebrate a sunny June (just think positive – we’ve had enough rain, wouldn’t you say?).  Anyway, GEORGE’s Stars are to be PETER LEONARD playing trumpet, TIM HUSKISSON playing clarinet & sax, JOHN SIRET playing double bass, ‘SOUTHEND BOB’ ALBUTT playing banjo, plus BILL FINCH is to be on drums.   Oh yes, we have a new Dutch beer called Amstell bier Lager, so try it out on Friday. Diane and Keith

Phoenix Dixieland Jazz Band, Friday 7th June 2019

I remember PHOENIX DIXIELAND JAZZ BAND played for my 71st birthday back on FRIDAY, 10th January 2014, here at FARNBOROUGH JAZZ CLUB and did me proud.  They had played for us on many occasions before and have done so many times since.  Yes, they are our band for you tonight, 7th JUNE 2019.  PAUL HIGGS, was on trumpet that night, as was ALLAN CLARKE on drums and ROGER CURPHEY on double bass too, They will be back with us tonight, along with CHARLES SHERWOOD on clarinet/ sax, BILL TODD on trombone and vocals, with ALAN BERRY on piano . The leader of the then 7-pce band in 2014, was our long-term clarinettist friend ROBIN COOMBS, who has since retired to Cornwall parts.  Also in the band was trombonist NORMAN BULL, plus DAVE BARNES on piano, with banjo and vocalist LYNN SAUNDERS.  By the way, Norman played with Keith (in their teenage band) ‘The Orion Dixielanders’, Roger played in bands with Keith from 80’s till present day, namely ‘Mac White Quartet’, Spirit of Bechet’ and our present ‘Four-In-A-Bar+1’ and Lyn played in ‘The KGB’ – ‘The Keith Grant Band’ during the 80’s (that was until Keith broke a shoulder, an arm, a wrist and many bones in his hands) – hmmm I nearly gave him concussion. Consequently he gave up drumming till recent years. See you all tonight – Yes we will be there – your hosts Diane and Keith