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Newsletter for last Sunday, 3rd July 2022

We were savouring lots of very happy memories, thinking of Barry last Sunday, (3jul2022) whilst we were enjoying his band playing. He would have been most proud of them, I’m sure. What a wonderful afternoon of top class jazz. It was great to see some of our old friends back again, especially after Covid. It’s lovely to see the crowds beginning to build back up, we will beat this temporary slump. The musicians need everyone to get behind them. Don’t forget, the highly popular ‘Force Ten Big Band’ – seventeen of them – will be playing for you Sunday afternoon, 17 July 2022!

The ‘Savoy Super Six’ will be back with us 16th October 2022.

Cheers – Diane & Keith

Savoy Super Six, 3rd July 2022

It is our pleasure to bring back the ‘Savoy Super Six’ next Sunday, 3rd July 2022. This was previously booked for last February and was for a special tribute to Barry Palser. However, unfortunately our new venue had forgotten about a previous booking for a Christening party. Unfortunately we were cancelled. So Barry, dear friend – this Sunday is for you, a long overdue celebration.

The guys in the band are led by Pater Rudeforth (our second trumpeter of Chris Barber fame – the other one being Mike ‘Magic’ Henry who was with us at our last date). The rest of the front line will be Tim Huskisson on clarinet and Colin Graham on trombone. The ‘engine room’ will be John Stewart on banjo, Andy Lawrence on double bass and John Tyson on drums.

Now I know this will be a storm of a play by these ‘boys’ and no ‘Mother’s Day’ or ‘Father’s Day’, or main holiday, so how about it please, help make it ‘special’ for the band and give them (and us) a full house. Thanks.

Diane and Keith



Barry Palser (with his own band) at Farnborough Jazz Club, 27feb2015

Peter Rudeforth (trumpet) 






Tim Huskisson

Tim Huskisson






Colin Graham (trmb) & Brian Gyles 20May20

Smiley John Stewart on Banjo  8th April 2016. 



John Tyson drums)  15th July 2016

 Andy Laurence double bass 9th Oct 2015