Red Wing Band (from Sweden) with guest BRIAN CARRICK

RED WING BAND (from Sweden) with guest BRIAN CARRICK are to appear for the first time here at FARNBOROUGH JAZZ CLUB on Friday, 31st October 2014.  We are proud this exciting band has included us as part of their 2014 tour.

Red Wing Band from Sweden.

The band members are their leader, HANS ZAKRISSONV (trombone), SVERKER NYSTRON (clarinet & alto sax), LIEF MELDAHL (bass), HANS JORGENSEN (banjo), INGAMAR WAGERMAN (piano) and RONALD ANDERSON (drums) and of course guesting with them will be our very own BRIAN CARRICK (reeds).

Brian Carrick - guesting with Red Wind Band (from Sweden)

Brian is best known to most of you as leader of his own highly poplar ‘Brian Carrick’s Algiers Stompers’ band and has already appeared here at Farnborough.  Of course, you may recall, Brian plays that old metal clarinet given to him by THE George Lewis.

Red Wing Band seen her at London's (Oxford Street) famous 100 Club in 2010


Red Wing Band (from Sweden) during their 2007 Tour, seen here at local Sidcup Jazz Club, run by our friends, Sir Richard & Sheila Waterhouse.

Ser fram emot att jazzing med dig Red Wing Band.