The Windy City Weatherbirds – 5th December 2021

F A R N B O R O U G H    J A Z Z   –   N O W   A T


(Every first Sunday of the Month)

Sunday, 5th December 2021 – 2-5pm

T H E   W I N D Y   C I T Y   W E A T H E R B I R D S

A talented group of six young musicians who met when at Trinity & Guildhall School of Music 

They will entertain you with their fantastic talent, playing the likes of Bobby Hackett & Jack Teagarden

       They will be bringing some friends with them to have            a sit-in – adding to the fun 

Admission: £10

Last date before Christmas – so extra fun raffle 

 (bring candelabras  if you want)

Farrow Fields, next to The Woodman Pub

High St, Farnborough, Orpington BR6 7BA

Bus route 358 – every 20mins on Sundays)

Free parking, dancing, comfy seats & club-priced drinks

Information: Keith & Diane 077-041-90009



The Reserve La Jazz Band, Sunday, 7th November 2021

The Reserve La Jazz Band  plays  authentic  New  Orleans  jazz,  inspired  by  Kid  Ory, Mutt Carey, Wild Bill Davison, Henry ‘Red’ Allen, Louis Armstrong, King Oliver, and the early pioneers of jazz, and influenced by the host of star names who followed in their footsteps.

Reserve is a small, predominantly black suburb of New Orleans in St. John the Baptist parish, on the East bank of the Mississippi River.  It lies 35 miles upstream from New Orleans French Quarter and 5 miles from the Woodland Plantation in La Place (where Edward ‘Kid’ Ory was born on Christmas Day 1886).  Ory was baptized at St Peter Church, Reserve.

In the late 1800’s, pre-teens, Ory formed his first band and honed his skills playing for dances in Reserve, ditching his home made cigar-box banjo for a trombone.

Kid Ory’s importance in the early days of Traditional Jazz is impossible to overstate.  He “discovered” the 13 year old Louis Armstrong playing for the Colored Waifs Home band.  Early band members included Sidney Bechet, ‘Papa’ Mutt Carey, Joe ‘King’ Oliver, Johnny Dodds and Jimmie Noone, all of whom went on to be stars in their own right and form their own legendary bands. Ory himself was asked by Buddy ‘King’ Bolden to join Bolden’s band when he was only 9, but his older sister wouldn’t let him as he was too young.

Reserve is where a lot of this this happened in the very early days, until Ory relocated himself and his “Sunshine Orchestra” to New Orleans on his 21st birthday in 1907 (– the words Jass, Jazz, and Jazz Band had not yet been invented!), and was one of the most popular and busiest bands in New Orleans in the earliest years, taking over the top spot from Buddy Bolden who had just been admitted to an asylum from which he would never emerge.

John Louis Ory (1847-1920), a wealthy white relative of Kid, and co-owner of the Woodland Plantation where Kid Ory was born, founded a school in Reserve in 1907 which still exists today, greatly expanded, so the Ory/Reserve link remains.  The Woodland Plantation is now a museum dedicated to Kid Ory and also the 1811 Rebellion which started there , which was the only, but unsuccessful slave uprising in the USA.  

Info curtesy of Rob.

I will update with a photo of Richard Simmons (piano) at a later date.

Richie Howard (cl) with Martyn Bros at Farnborough Kent 15jan2016 Photo by Mike Witt.

Allen Beechey (trumpet) with Martyn Brothers at Farnborough Jazz Club, Kent on 3rd April 2015. Photo by Mike Witt.

Rob Pearce - trombone player leader of Reserve La Jazz Band

Rob Pearce – trombone player Leader of Reserve La Jazz Band for Farnborough Jazz at Farnborough Social Club, Kent.


Dominic Coles on drums with Mardi Gras Jazzband.

Steve Smith (double bass) with Mardi Gras Jazzband plays Farnborough Jazz Club (Kent)

2021 April Coronaviras Update

Hi  everyone, 

It has been such a long time since posting anything – this virus has hit us all extremely hard and taken so long to beat, hasn’t it.  We have lost some wonderful friends – both star-quality musicians and audience friends along the way – too sad to mention names yet.  I will do so when their memories are not so  raw to me. 

We are being asked when will we be starting up again?  We all have to wait until Covid-19 is kicked into oblivion and then, the Government, the Brewery and the venues can all give the say-so.  We will book bands and then, contact you all about a start date.  I hope you are going for your vaccinations, because it maybe ‘a must’ to come to the jazz venues – certainly when it can be held indoors.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon – Luv Diane and Keith xx.

Coronavirus Cancellation

Due to the Coronavirus and after much deliberation, we have taken the action to cancel Farnborough Jazz Club and Ye Olde Whyte Lyon Pub Sunday sessions, until further notice. This will most likely be for three months, unless this virus is sorted.

We hope you will keep yourselves positive thinking, still listen to your music and make yourselves watch programs to make yourselves laugh. Please, to all you lovely musicians, keep playing at home and don’t give up on us in the future …. and everyone, look out for our grand return. In the words of Christine, who was going to sing with me on Friday, ‘We’ll Meet Again’.

Luv Diane and Keith

Mardi Gras Jazzband, Friday, 13th March 2020

The MARDI GRAS JAZZBAND is back to entertain you this Friday, 13th MARCH 2020 at our FARNBOROUGH JAZZ CLUB (Kent).  Trombonist band leader, ROB PEARCE has booked trumpeter LEIGH HENSON and JOHN ELLMER, with his many reed instruments to front the band. In the engine room will be JAMIE PARSONS, playing piano, with STEVE SMITH on double bass and drummer DOMINIC COLES.  Rob tells me he has some new tunes for us to enjoy, so looking forward to seeing you all. Don’t worry – we won’t have a crowd of 5,000 and I promise not to enforce your forfeit and kiss you, so you will be safe to come out and enjoy yourselves. Just a reminder, music starts at 8:00pm – ending at 11:00pm. You can get a few dances in during that time, as well as a few pints too – Keith can vouch for that (I suppose I can as well – hmmm).  I’ve even got back to bringing out the red tablecloths. Bring your family with you, this band appeals to ‘young tastes’ too, being the music is a real Mardi Gras party flavour. Your hosts, Diane and Keith

(I hope to obtain a photo of Jamie later)

Lovely pic of John Ellmer on tenor sax with Tim Huskisson on piano, Rob Pearce on trombone and Leigh Henson on trumpet part of the Mardi Gras JazzBand at Farnborough Jazz Club (Kent) on 19th February 2016. Photo by Mike Witt.


Dominic Coles on drums with Mardi Gras Jazzband.

Steve Smith (double bass) with Mardi Gras Jazzband plays Farnborough Jazz Club (Kent)

George ‘Kid’ Tidiman’s All Stars. 6th March 2020

Hi everyone, ‘GEORGE ‘KID’ TIDIMAN’S ALL STARS’ will be here tomorrow, Friday, 6th March 2020 at FARNBOROUGH JAZZ CLUB (Kent). Trombonist GEORGE’S STARS will be PETER LEONARD (trumpet), ALAN CRESSWELL (clarinet), DEREK PRING (double bass – I wonder if he’ll bring his sousaphone), JOHN SMITH (banjo) and KEITH GRANT (drums).  I think we will be lucky with the weather tomorrow night – warmer and not wet! So, grab your dancing shoes and join us for some cheering up music. £10 entrance.   Cath and Barb will serve you at our ‘Shepherd Neame’ bar, the music is from 8:00pm till 11:00pm and we have free off-road parking. What more do you need to brush of those blues of recent events and join us, your hosts Diane and Keith?  

George ‘Kid’ Tiidman at Farnborough Jazz Club 23nov2018. Photo by Mike Witt.

I’ll try to get back with some photos tomorrow.