Golden Eagle Jazz Band, Sunday 2nd October 2022

Golden Eagle Jazz Band at Farnborough Jazz, Kent, 2oct2022

Thank you to everyone who managed to make it for Sunday’s Jazz. It was a wonderful day for Ken to celebrate his 90th year.  He actually began his celebrations the day before.  He drove from Brighton to Hastings on the Saturday for a huge family &friends’ party. Then drove the next day to us (Farnborough Kent) for our surprise party. He even had a dance and, if that wasn’t enough, afterwards, visited his nephew, then drove home back to Dover that night. Finally, he finished with his birthday celebration on Monday! Wow Ken, what a man!

He actually loves all types of jazz, but he holds a special memory of a moment that he held during an evening long ago, when we had the GOLDEN EAGLE before. Leader Kevin Scott, Tony Karavis, Alan Cresswell, Roy Stokes, Chis Thompson and Malc Murphey – Malc sang ‘Magic Is The Moonlight’ and they all made it a special afternoon. They were their usual self, such great fun.

Cheers to you all.

Diane and Keith.

Just a couple of numbers to mention, to give a flavour of the day…..

‘Magic is the Moonlight’ Music by Charles Pasqualey, Lyrics by Marie Grever (1935)

‘Dallas Blues’ by Hart Wand (1912) has been called the first true blues tune ever (published 1918)