Golden Eagle Jazz Band, Sunday 2nd October 2022

Our Golden Boys are back again and to celebrate a very special day, a 90th birthday! With the family of this rather special person, we are making the day a special surprise party, no talking between yourselves please, just in case he over-hears about it – it’s Ken from Brighton, who doesn’t have a computer, a laptop, or Facebook, or such! A 90th is special, but he doesn’t seem to think anything of it. He drives for miles from Brighton for his jazz wherever it maybe, as if it is just a couple of miles up the road! So many of you know him. Ken enjoys so many bands, but he has a particular special memory with this band – so I know he will enjoy them very much.

Kevin Scott – Band Leader of Golden Eagle Jazz Band – Tenor Banjo/singer

Our Golden boys are:

Band leader, Kevin Scott – tenor b/anjosinger,


ALAN CRESSWELLreeds/singer

Roy Stokes – trombone

Chris Thompson – double bass and

MALC MURPHEY – drums and another singer too

So please join us if you can and make it a fantastic day for Ken (and of course, us too).

Diane and Keith

(So sorry to be way behind with photos – I hope to catch up with my tail one day – the problem was due a lot to Virgin Media – and a perished cable).