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Barry Palsers Super Six – 20th Februarry 2022

Unfortunately, 30th February 2022, was booked back on 25th February 2021, but sadly a Christening booking had been missed by the management of our new club.  Of course with all the dreadful coronavirus and the rules they had to deal with, we had no choice, but to ask Bridget Palser and Peter Rudeforth to cancel.   Everyone concerned at the club was very apologetic  We have rebooked later in the year.  Of course it couldn’t have happened at a sadder time for us all.  We wanted to give our biggest send off to Barry.                            We have all been in such a dreadful place these last two and half years – so many painful losses, both personal and public, aye.  We will never recover, I’m sure, but I intend making the rest of my time that I might have left, enjoy all of the wonderful music all you magical people have given to me –  If I have 10 minutes or ten years left – Barry was definitely one of those magical people I was proud to count as knowing.

Barry Palser’s Super Six, Friday 13th December 2020


Barry Palser (with his own band) at Farnborough Jazz Club, 27feb2015. Photo by Mike Witt.

‘BARRY PALSER’S SUPER SIX’ are playing here at FARNBOROUGH JAZZ CLUB (KENT) tomorrow night, Friday 13th December 2020. As most of you are aware, Barry has had a stroke, so we want you to turn up to give especially strong support.  It needs to be strong enough to reach Barry in hospital, in Cambridge (I believe in ESP), so he knows we care.  You know, that is how far he and Bridget travelled here (& back home) to bring you his special magic, so not much to ask you to do something in return please, aye! The rest of Barry’s gang will all be turning up to entertain you – we have COLIN GRAHAM stepping in for Barry (on trombone of course), with ALAN GRESTY on trumpet, TIM HUSKISSON on clarinet &alto sax, TONY PITT on banjo &guitar, ANDY LAWRENCE on double bass and JOHN TYSON on drums. Such a brilliant load of musicians, you know you want to come anyway – yeah. So be here for an 8:00pm start (if you need to order a taxi, the music ends at 11:00pm).  For all you newbies, we have a Shepherd Neame bar (at club prices) served by Cathy and Barb, We have a great atmosphere – love dancing – £10 entrance  – plenty of free off-road parking, so why not give us a try .  Hosted by Diane & Keith.  

P.S. Please don’t forget, next week is our Christmas party. We need to hear from you please – you’ll be entertained by the  ‘MARDIE GRAS JAZZBAND’  who will definitely put you in the party mood – something they specialise in.  Entrance is £15.  There will be many more prizes to win in our special raffle (if you turn up tomorrow night, you will receive a free raffle ticket for you to enter in next week’s party).  Please either book with Diane tomorrow night, (Keith will forget to tell me, bless him!), or you can send an email – or phone 07704190009 to book. Sorry if you have left a message on our landline, we will not have heard it, because the phone is still out of order!

Barry Palser’s Super Six, Friday 4th October 2019

Farnborough Jazz Club (Kent) take pride in presenting the best every Friday evening and will continue to do so,  This week, 4th OCTOBER 2019, is definitely no exception, because BARRY PALSER’S SUPER SIX’ is back to warm you hearts and make your feet tap. BARRY himself of course, plays trombone.  He tells me he has PETE RUDEFORTH on trumpet and TIM HUSKISSON on clarinet and sax. Of course and the boiler-room boys this time will be ANDY LAWRENCE (double bass), JOHN TYSON (drums) and TONY PITT (banjo and guitar). With this wonderful euphony of sounds produced by these musicians, I’m sure you will all turn up – plus some new people too please, aye?   The session will start at the usual time of 8:00pm and goes on till 11:00pm.  We have a  Shepherd Neame bar (at club prices) served by Cathy and Barb. We have plenty of free off-road parking too.  All hosted for £10 entrance by Diane and Keith.   P.S. have managed to upload a couple of photos on the last Barry Palser’s Super Six newsletter (9aug2019).

Barry Palser’s Super Six at Farnborough Jazz Club, with Barry (trombone), John Crocker (reeds), Pete Rudeforth (trumpet), Tony Pitt (banjo), Andy Laurence (double bass) and John Tyson (drums) on 11sep2015. Photo by Mike Witt.

Barry Palser (with his own band) at Farnborough Jazz Club, 27feb2015 Photo by Mike Witt

Tim Huskisson plays clarinet (Tony Pitt in background) with Barry Palser’s Super Six at Farnborough Jazz Club on 27Feb2015. Photo by Mike Witt. 27Feb2015

Barry Palser’s Super Six, Friday 9th August 2019

BARRY’S back again here at FARNBOROUGH JAZZ CLUB (Kent) with ‘BARRY PALSER’S SUPER SIX’ this coming Friday, 9th August 2019.  Of course, Barry’s boys are among the top best jazzers in the Country.  These boys are ALAN GRESTY (trumpet), TIM HUSKISSON (clarinet and sax), BARRY himself (playing trombone), ANDY LAWRENCE (double bass), TONY PITT (banjo and guitar) and special guest star JOHN WATSON (Chris Barber’s drummer).  Come ready to be really entertained big time.  Music will be the usual time of 8:00pm till 11:00pm and if you haven’t been here before, we have a friendly atmosphere, a club-priced bar, dancing, a raffle and plenty of off-road free parking.  Join us for a fun-filled Friday’s entertainment – entrance is only £10. Your hosts are Diane & Keith. P.S mislaid ‘mouse’ needed to upload photos – will be back in the morning!

Sorry – never did get back in August – but here are a couple of photos from that day:

Barry Palser’s Super Six at Farnborough Jazz Club 9Aug2019 with Barry Palser (trmb) Alan Gresty (trmpt) Tim Huskisson (clrt) John Watson (drms) Tony Pitt (bnj & gut) Andy Lawrence (dbass). Photo by Alan Walker)

John Watson on drums with Barry Palser’s Super Stars 9mar2019 at Farnborough Jazz Club (Kent) Photo by Alan Walker.


Barry Palser’s Super Six, Friday, 3rd May 2019

‘BARRY PALSER’S SUPER SIX’ can only bring fabulous music – being the wonderful ‘six’ musicians they are – and they are playing for you tonight, Friday, 3rd May 2019.  Well, we have always tried our hardest to get the best for you here at FARNBOROUGH JAZZ CLUB (Kent) and of course Barry does the same too.  He’s has booked ALAN GRESTY to play trumpet, TIM HUSKISSON, who will be playing clarinet and sax and of course, BARRY himself will be playing trombone.  Plus, what an engine room too – ANDY LAWRENCE, who will be on double bass, JOHN TYSON on drums and TONY PITT on banjo and guitar, wowie aye?  That’s what jazz is all about.  Diane and Keith will be there too as usual.   You won’t know what to do, listen or dance.  Yes, of course some of you will do both. Music will be the usual time of 8:00pm till 11:00pm.  These great musicians … and only £10 entrance… you lucky people.

‘Barry Palser’s Super Six’, Friday 8th March 2019

‘BARRY PALSER’S SUPER SIX’ are back for your entertainment next Friday, being 8th March 2019, at FARNBOROUGH JAZZ CLUB (Kent).  They all managed to survive playing their hearts out for you all at our Christmas Party, so I know they are sure to hear your applause again.  Barry has almost the same guys too, namely PETE RUDEFORTH (trumpet), TIM HUSKISSON (clarinet&sax), BARRY (trombone), with ANDY LAWRENCE (double bass), JOHN TYSON (drums) and TONY PITT (banjo&guitar).  I will treat it as MY CHRISTMAS PARTY – ha (I’m bringing a little Christmas tree for my table and will be insisting on them playing ‘shingle bells’ for me too, hmm).  See you all on Friday for what’s sure to be another cracking evening of great jazz.  Please join us, your hosts, Diane and Keith (working on photos – so please take a peak later on Friday)

Update of Barry Palser’s Super Six, 21st December 2018

Keith came home late last night from the party , as he puts it, ‘happy’, telling me (as I was sure would be the case), you all came out of the woodwork.  Thank you for making it such a successful evening.  I am sad to have missed everyone.  (Keith left home starting to feel ‘sneezy’ but his  ‘doc’ came from behind the bar, served by Cath & Babs) ,  He told me you all made an effort with your food and candelabras – some dressing up in ‘gnome’ outfits.  I hear Barry announced after the session they had played so many Christmas Carols, but neglected to play ‘Shingle Bells’.   I was so ‘grumpy’ to have missed it all.  Keith’s remark to me was the evening was so successful, that he is going to put up a Christmas tree every week – he’s not ‘bashful’ about it – ha ha (or should that be ho ho ho).  He was ‘sleepy’ and so I had to wait for this morning to hear the rest. So now, I must wish you all a ‘Merry’ Christmas and a very Healthy New Year.   (pics to follow curtesy of Mike and Alan and anyone else who wants to pass some onto me – thanks).         Luv (as my brother-in-law calls me) ‘Dopey’ Di xxx  

We have booked ‘BARRY PALSER’S SUPER SIX’ for your entertainment at our 2018 CHRISTMASPARTY, tomorrow – Friday 21st December, here at our FARNBOROUGH JAZZ CLUB (Kent).  Yes, what a line-up Barry has in store for you too.  He has non-other than PETE RUDEFORTH playing trumpet, TIM HUSKISSON on reeds, BARRY himself plays trombone, with ANDY LAWRENCE on bass, JOHN TYSON on drums and JIM DOUGLAS on banjo.   I’d call that ‘BARRY’S ABSOLUTELY SUPER SIX’.  Oh!  I am so fed up, because for the second week running, I am unlikely to be there  to enjoy myself with you.  As I said last week, I have shingles and although I have been told by the Doctors, shingles is not contagious, I’m still feeling rough.  Anyway, the charge to come to this always enjoyable party event, is only £15.  You can enjoy plenty of dancing, a Shepherd Neame ‘club price’ bar and bring your own food and candelabras,  There is plenty of free parking AND you wont have to pay a forfeit at the door! Cos I won’t be there.  We have a bigger raffle than usual, including a limited edition print of one of Keith’s lovely jazz paintings.  It is sure to be busy, so be patient with Keith and help him as much as possible please.  Just in-case I’m not there, I wish you all a ‘Merry’ Christmas and a Healthy New Year.  One last thing, thank you all for making the celebration of Colin Dobson’s Life  last week, the fun Colin would have loved.   Much Luv Di and my ‘bar humbug’ Keith.

Please remember we will be closed on 29th December and the whole of  January, but you can catch up with Keith and me at YE OLDE WHYTE LYON for our ‘4-IN-A-BAR+1’ on 30th December and 27th January (3pm till 6pm).   You are seeing TIM HUSKISSON on reeds tomorrow (21st Dec), but he plays wonderful piano on these dates, plus KEITH playing drums and (a lot of you know) JOHN LEE on tenor sax and ROGER CURPHEY on double bass, plus I’m +1 singing a few songs.  

We shall return 1st February with Mardi Gras Jazzband 

Barry Palsor’s Super Six, 21st September 2018

Hi Everybody, sorry – but no real newsletter as had cataract op this morning at 6:30am and have just woken after everything was completed.  Operation appears very successful and am feeling good, but will not be at the club tonight.  So if you can all make an effort to join Keith and give him all the support he deserves please.  Of course it will be much better for you all without this ol’ girl being there!  The band will appreciate a happy audience too – thanks.  Barry has the following band with him tonight:

Alan Gresty (tpt),  Tim Huskisson (reeds),  Barry (trom),  Andy Lawrence (bass),  John Tyson (drs),  Tony Pitt (bjo)

Luv Di xxx


Barry Palser’s Super Six, Friday, 29th June 2018


Barry Palser with his Super Six, is seen here on 12th February 2016. Photo by Mike Witt.


Barry Palser’s Super Six played at Farnborough Jazz Club, Kent in Sep2015. Pete Rudeforth was on trumpet then, seen here with John Tyson on drums.       Photo by Mike Witt.

BARRY PALSER’S SUPER SIX are to be our entertainment this week, Friday, 29th June 2018.  We, at Farnborough Jazz Club, have enjoyed their jazz for so many years now, so we know we will have a great turn-out.  With England playing in the World Cup tonight (Thursday), we are sure even the most avid football supporters can take an evening off tomorrow (recording any matches) and come enjoy our jazz.  The Super Six are trombonist & vocalist BARRY, with PETE RUDEFORTH on trumpet, DICK DOUTHWAITE on clarinet, plus the brilliant engine playing of TONY PITT on banjo &guitar, ROGER CURPHEY on double bass and JOHN TYSON on drums.  Oh wowie – you better get your butts down here for some Farnborough fun.

Your hosts

The Granties (Di & Keith)

Barry Palser’s Super Six, Friday, 23rd March 2018

Allan ‘Lord Arsenal’ Bradley plays trumpet for Barry Palser’s Super Six at Farnborough Jazz Club (Kent) on 12th February 2016. Photo by Mike Witt.

Hi Jazzers, come and join us to listen and dance to BARRY PALSER’S SUPER SIX here this Friday, 23rd March 2018 at FARNBOROUGH JAZZ CLUB.  BARRY, with his powerful (but beautifully toned) trombone, will have ALAN ‘Lord Arsenal’ BRADLEY (trumpet &vocals), TIM HUSKISSON (clarinet & sax), plus the strong engine playing of  TONY PITT (banjo &guitar), ANDY LAWRENCE (double bass) and JOHN TYSON (drums) – you won’t get better stars than these (yes superstar) musicians.  We can honestly say, you will get more than your money’s worth.  So get your glad-rags on and please join us ….

Your hosts,

Diane and Keith (the Granties)

Tim Huskisson


Plus Sunday’s gig too, ‘4-IN-A-BAR+1’, who play ‘Smooth Dinner Jazz’ at YE OLDE WHYTE LYON, LOCKS BOTTOM, Kent this SUNDAY, 25TH MARCH 2018, 3:00PM-6:00PM,  The musicians playing this month are JOHN LEE on tenor sax, TIM HUSKISSON on piano (note he’s playing clarinet Friday), TIM PHAROAH (double bass), with KEITH GRANT (drums) and me (DIANE), singing a few songs.  (Always the last Sunday of each month).  Treat yourself and book a roast lunch (Tel: 01689-852631) served between 12:00 & 5:00pm.  Last time everyone loved the music, with many enjoying the newish chef’s Sunday roast. This delightful Shepherd Neame pub (dated 1626) is situated in Locks Bottom, BR6 8NE, next door to Sainsbury’s & PRU Hospital. Sainsbury’ parking has changed on Sundays £2 ‘til 4:00pm (refundable for goods Sainsbury’s) with a walk-thru to pub at far right corner (face Sainsbury’s).