Health – Shingles can cause Strokes

Most of my friends are aware that I have been ill for about three years, but not even my GP is aware to  what extent. 

In 2019, it was confirmed by a doctor that I had  shingles.  I felt so ill for about a year. Then in Jan2020, I had a small stroke, ending in hospital. 

I suffered no paralysis, but lost my voice,  I worked at it and got it back after three days, was released from hospital.

My reason for putting my story on my website, is because of what I found out since – or didn’t find out.  There seems to be little going on at all towards help in this country.  At this point, I did not connect shingles with strokes,  However, when I had a 2nd bout and a 2nd stroke, I put two and two together.  The world was in the grip of coronavirus – GP’s were dealing with us via a phone – I couldn’t talk fast, was emotional and we were only allowed four minutes, so found out nothing.  So, like everyone, I resorted to the internet!  I came across:  The  Neurological and Stroke Association USA

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Shingles by NIND (2)  

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