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Mick Collins Legacy Jazz Orchestra – 3rd April 2022

This wonderful 15pce Orchestra, ran by Mick Collins’, has existed for many years – Keith and I were introduced by dear friend, Don Leach (late) who ran jazz himself (took over some of our gigs, when I was ill back in the day) and led it to the success it is  now and further run in Knockholt – Sevenoaks ect. (ooh did I digress} But wow, were we drawn into a fabulous sound of regular monthly entertainment.  First at The H.G.Wells Centre in Bromley (Kent, UK) that has since been razed to the ground – and since moved to Sundridge Park, SE London (1st Monday of the month £10).  They were relaxed – chatty, never seem to be ready, but from the moment they struck their first note, they were together and whatever they were about to play, it was fantastic – we were hooked!  Now we hope to help Tricia add to their gigs – they deserve it…..