Goff Dubber’s Dixieland Express

8th SEPTEMBER 2017 at FARNBOROUGH JAZZ CLUB, we have a special sextet, with excellent reed playing band leader, GOFF (hot) DUBBER. Goff includes in his band, Chris Barber’s trumpeter, PETE (ice-cream) RUDEFORTH, with MIKE (the voice) HOGH on trombone, plus JONATHAN (JJ himself) VINTEN on piano., not forgetting  ROGER (the hat) CURPHEY on double bass and  MARTIN  (swinger) GUY on drums.  Certainly another great line-up for you, you lucky people.

This was our very first booking with Goff’s band and what a line-up.  Let me explain the nicknames – and the meanings behind them.  Well it began with Jonathan – everybody knows him as ‘JJ’, so I added this, plus I know we have many of his fans around this way, so added ‘himself’.  I then added ‘fab’ in front of Martin’s name.  But then I felt what with wonderful Pete and the special mention of Chris Barber, our other lovely guests might feel left out, with the fact of them all having played with super people.  So I looked up ‘Goff’ to find his name is the name for a fuel company for heating – hence ‘hot’ (I refrained from putting ‘stuff’, well I am getting married and his other half might give me a black eye!).  Now Roger … well he has been wearing his lovely Summer hat.  Pete is known for singing ‘ice-cream’ so well (hope he sings it on Friday).  I then decided to change Martin’s to ‘swinger’ – not that he isn’t fabulous, but his own band is called the swingers and – can Martin play swinging drums!  That left me with Mike, well we have had so many phone calls today and his voice is beautifully ‘English’, it has become so rare to hear a person speak,  sounding their  ‘T’s, ‘S’s and ‘H’s.


I shall return to give you their history and some photos at a later date, but I think most of you already know their quality!

Diane 6th September 2017

to be continued………………..