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Colin Dobson – see videos & photos

(Colin Dobson is pictured here middle & 2nd from left)
‘Somebody Stole My Gal’ Billy Cotton Band Show’s theme tune (photo from Google/BBC website)


Billy Cotton Band Show (from youtube/Getty Images)


Colin can be seen in the trumpet section –  seated  just behind Spike Milligan and to his left (at one time cleaning his glasses).  10may1964 (from Google/BBC)

Meeting of the Maestros Colin Dobson, well known on trumpet with the Billy “Wakey, Wakey!” Cotton band , and a jazz legend in his own right, is a regular visitor to Farnborough Jazz Club where his opinions are often sought by other trumpet virtuosos with regard to their performances. Here Mike Barry, trumpet man with his own XXL band (15dec2017), discusses technical points with Colin over a friendly pint of Spitfire bitter. Two veteran jazzmen find harmony at the popular Farnborough venue. Photo by Mike Witt.
Leader & trumpeter MICHAEL “HOT LIPS” ETZEL from
HOT LIPS OLD-TIME JAZZ’  who were again on tour from Munich, Germany, seen here 7apr2017, exchanging tips with fellow trumpeter, Colin Dobson (& wife Jo) of Billy Cotton Band Show Fame. Photo by Mike Wit
‘Comparing Notes’. Denny Islet and Colin Dobson exchange old times. George Tidiman’s All Stars at Farnborough Jazz Club 19Dec2014. Photo by Mike Witt.
9oct2015enSeen here are Keith and Diane, Colin Dobson (of Billy Cotton Band Show fame), his wife Jo and their son-in-law, Jim, having just enjoyed 'Tony Pitt's All Stars' at Farnborough Jazz Club (Kent) on 9oct2015. Photo by Mike Witt.
(lLoR) Farnborough hosts Keith & Diane with trumpeter Colin Dobson (Billy Cotton Band fame), his wife Jo and their son-in-law- Jim, having just enjoyed ‘Tony Pitt’s All Stars at Farnborough Jazz Club (Kent) 9oct2015. Photo by Mike Witt.

Colin Dobson (see update at end re donations instead of flowers)

‘That will cost you a pint Mike’.
Colin Dobson, well known on trumpet with Billy “Wakey, Wakey” Cotton Band) talking to Mike Barry (left) at Farnborough Jazz Club.
26th September 2014
Photo by Mike Witt.

On behalf of his family, we are sorry to be the bearer of such news.  It is with huge sadness we tell you, dear friend Colin Dobson has left this world and (we’d like to think) he has joined other wonderful musicians, who have gone before him.  We sure would like to think he is now having a hoot, enjoying their music up in the great beyond.  Oh – what a sound they must hopefully be pouring out, yeah. 

It is nice to know, his family said he passed on peacefully.  What a lovely man – he never had a bad word for anyone, always with a smile on that warm face of his.  Of course you will remember, Colin Dobson (who was born 1929) played trumpet with the famous radio and TV famed Billy Cotton Band Show (wakey-wake-aaaay).  Their theme tune was ‘Somebody Stole My Gal’. 

His family have the funeral arranged for 14th December 2018, so if you would like to attend and wish to know the details, please email me at  If you knew him personally from years ago, but cant make it, please also email and tell us your own memories of him.  The family will be most grateful. 

The family have also arranged to have a celebration of Colin’s life be held at The Farnborough Jazz Club that evening from 8:00pm till 11:00pm.   BOB DWYER’S BIX & PIECES will make sure it will be a great send-off. 

As several people have asked about where to send donations instead of
flowers, so the family have looked for charities that encourage children and
teenagers to learn to play instruments as Colin was always keen to do
this himself.  You can choose either:

Foundation for Young Musicians supporting bursaries for young people’s
musical education at the Centre for Young Musicians

More nationally
Music for Schools Foundation providing instrumental tuition in primary
schools <>

The family also thank you all for your support and friendship for Colin

Diane and Keith