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Golden Eagle Jazz Band, Friday 30th August 2019

We are so pleased to welcome the GOLDEN EAGLE JAZZ BAND back to our FARNBOROUGH JAZZ CLUB (Kent) tonight, Friday 30th August 2019.  You will certainly be entertained by this traditional jazz band.  They were last here 28th June, but I was in Spain and failed to produce a newsletter (unforgivable of me!).  Bass banjo playing band leader, KEVIN SCOTT (plus vocals) has joining him tonight, TONY CARAVIS (trumpet), ALAN CRESSWELL (reeds), ROY STOKES (trombone/vocals), plus JOHN SIRET (double bass) and MALC MURPHEY (drums).  These musicians will make sure your feet are tapping, your faces are fixed with big smiles and you will go away at the end of the evening, brim full of happiness.  What more can I say, except if you haven’t been to our club before, make your first visit tonight, entrance will cost you just £10.  You will not be disappointed – we love to dance, have friendly bar staff, plenty of free off-road parking – so see you tonight for some great ‘live’ jazz.  Your hosts, Diane and Keith.

Sorry, someone is playing ‘silly kids’ within our website, but I will carry on as if they dont exist………..  This photo is quite old, but a great photo dont you think. 

Alan Cresswell plays clarinet with Kevin Scott on banjo of Golden Eagle Jazz Band at Farnborough Jazz Club (Kent) on 17th June 2016. Photo by Mike Witt.


Bob Dwyer’s Bix & Pieces, Friday 23rd August 2019

BOB DWYER’S BIX & PIECES returns this coming Friday, 23rd August 2019, here at FARNBOROUGH JAZZ CLUB (Kent).   As you know, band leader & trombonist BOB is a great oficionado of Bix Beiderbeck’s music.  He has booked musicians, MALCOLME WALTON (trumpet), with SARAH SPENCER (clarinet, alto & tenor saxes, plus HUGH CROZIER (piano & vocals), JOHN BAYNE (double bass & bass sax) and GRAHAM COLLICOTT (drums).  They are great to listen and dance to.  It would be great to see some of Kent’s Farnbronian jazzers try us, you will love it.  People travel great distances to come because we put on the best.  We have a Shepherd Neame club priced bar, plenty of free off-road parking, plus a wonderful friendly atmosphere and don’t bite.  Your hosts, Diane & Keith

Granties Dixie Six, Friday 16th August 2019

GRANTIES DIXIE SIX are ready to entertain you again tonight, Friday 16th August 2019 at FARNBOROUGH JAZZ CLUB (Kent).  That’s right, Keith himself on drums, is back celebrating a birthday (well that was last Monday, but he’s still celebrating – so his usual smile will be in situ tonight.  He’ll be enjoying himself, helping to swing this lovely Dixieland jazz band along (and oh yes, I didn’t need to eat my hat – as I had promised to do last time if it hadn’t been enjoyed by everyone, because it was).  Tonight, Keith has fabulous PETER LEONARD playing trumpet and singing, with tenor sax player, wonderful JOHN LEE, plus the tererific trombonist, BOB DWYER (of ‘Bob Dwyer’s Bix & Pieces fame), also singing.  Also swinging away of piano is TIM HUSKISSON,, Plus, enjoyable ROGER CURPHEY is back on double bass, keeping Keith company .  I shall also sing a couple of songs. All this kicks off at 8:00pm – see you later – your hosts, Diane and Keith. …. sorry pics not sitting right – will sort soon!!!!!!!!!!!

‘Hershey and the Hotshots’ playing for the first time at Farnborough Jazz Club on 4th December 2015. (LtoR) Paul Taylor (trombone), (Keith Grant has sit-in on drums), Roger Curphey (double bass), Peter Leonard (trumpet & vocs), Tim Huskisson (clarinet&alto sax) and (out of view) Andrew Clancy (piano) and drummer Graham Caulicott Photo by Peter Marr.
Bob with his own band Bob Dwyer’s Bix & Pieces, Farnborough Jazz Club, Kent. 10 July 2015. Photo Mike Witt

John Lee (tenor sax) &Peter Skivington (bass ukulele) with Laurie Chescoe’s Reunion Jazz Band at Farnborough Jazz Club on 3rd July 2015. Photo Mike Witt.
Mardi Gras Band with pianist Tim Huskisson at Farnborough Jazz Club on 7th November 2014. Photo by Howard Leigh.
Roger Curphey (Bah Tat) on double bass here with his pint and with Mahogany Hall Stompers at Farnborough Jazz Club (Kent) on 5th February 2016. Photo Mike Witt.
Diane Grant sings with ‘Granties Dixie Six’ at Farnborough Jazz Club, Kent 8feb2019. Photo by Mike Witt
Keith Grant has sit-in on drums with Bob Dwyer’s Bix & Pieces at Farnborough Jazz Club, Kent 17th October 2014. Photo by Mike Witt

Barry Palser’s Super Six, Friday 9th August 2019

BARRY’S back again here at FARNBOROUGH JAZZ CLUB (Kent) with ‘BARRY PALSER’S SUPER SIX’ this coming Friday, 9th August 2019.  Of course, Barry’s boys are among the top best jazzers in the Country.  These boys are ALAN GRESTY (trumpet), TIM HUSKISSON (clarinet and sax), BARRY himself (playing trombone), ANDY LAWRENCE (double bass), TONY PITT (banjo and guitar) and special guest star JOHN WATSON (Chris Barber’s drummer).  Come ready to be really entertained big time.  Music will be the usual time of 8:00pm till 11:00pm and if you haven’t been here before, we have a friendly atmosphere, a club-priced bar, dancing, a raffle and plenty of off-road free parking.  Join us for a fun-filled Friday’s entertainment – entrance is only £10. Your hosts are Diane & Keith. P.S mislaid ‘mouse’ needed to upload photos – will be back in the morning!

Sorry – never did get back in August – but here are a couple of photos from that day:

Barry Palser’s Super Six at Farnborough Jazz Club 9Aug2019 with Barry Palser (trmb) Alan Gresty (trmpt) Tim Huskisson (clrt) John Watson (drms) Tony Pitt (bnj & gut) Andy Lawrence (dbass). Photo by Alan Walker)

John Watson on drums with Barry Palser’s Super Stars 9mar2019 at Farnborough Jazz Club (Kent) Photo by Alan Walker.


George ‘Kid’ Tidiman’s All Stars, Friday 2nd August 2019

We’re certainly expecting a humdinger with GEORGE ‘KID’ TIDIMAN’S ALL STARS on Friday, 2nd AUGUST 2019.   What a band our trombone playing ‘Kid’ has planned to be with him (not that any of his band members aren’t anything but good).  However, DENNY ISLETT is back playing trumpet and what a player – aye!  Plus, you know what I think of TIM HUSKISSON, he’s playing clarinet & sax.   JOHN SIRET is playing double bass, ‘SOUTHEND BOB’ ALBUTT is on banjo (& brilliant vocals), plus KEITH GRANT will be playing drums – yes back again this week (unfortunately, sorry to mention, but Bill Finch is feeling ‘under the weather’ just now).  Mentioning weather, small flying ants are out tonight – covering my car, so probably means hot weather likely).  Come and have a drink tomorrow night to keep you ‘happy’ and hydrated and at the same time, enjoy the great music likely at our club.  Diane and Keith – your hosts. P.S., so sorry, no time to sort photos again, please look back at previous newsletters of the band hmmm.