Barry Palser’s Savoy Jazz

Barry Palser’s Savoy Jazz

Back in 1959, when Barry Palser first formed the Savoy Jazz Men, it was ‘just for fun’, for the pleasure of making music, for the thrill of creating their own personal jazz sound.  It didn’t matter if nobody saw them play …. if nobody listened… if nobody danced …. it was simply for their own enjoyment.  Nowadays that enjoyment of ‘making the music’ is still evident in their performance but they now know the value of entertainment,….they know that people do come just to see them, do listen and do dance and they know that the paying customer, – the ‘Punter’,- is very aware and very important.   In September 2009 the band celebrate their 50th Birthday and during the past five decades they have made 6 LP Records (most of them still available in CD or Cassette format), 5CDs, 2 Videos, 3 National Radio broadcasts, 5 TV appearances and have played festivals in: Holland, Germany, Italy, France, Belgium and Eire. They have also appeared at jazz festivals in the UK i.e. Bude, Upton, Caister, Hemsby, Pakefield, Corton, Prestatyn, Sand Bay and Osmington Bay. Barry has composed three jazz tunes for: ‘Jazz in Duketown’, ‘The Herborn Sommerfest’ and ‘Symbio Microbiology Co.’ (all of these can be heard on the ‘More’ album). If you want to guarantee an experienced, lively and entertaining band who can adapt the music for the occasion, then this is the band for you.  The personnel has, naturally, changed somewhat over the years but Barry Palser, the founder of the band, is still blowing strong and has honed his leadership skills during this time to become one of the best ‘front men’ in the business.  It is Barry’s leadership and general influence which helped to make Barry Palser’s Savoy Jazz Men one of the most entertaining and popular jazz bands in Great Britain and on the Continent.  Barry is a fine, punchy trombonist who believes that entertainment is a critical factor in jazz and is prepared to back his belief with action.  His vocals on the jazz standards and his vocal treatment of ballads also help with the popularity of the band.

TONY TEALE, on reeds, is classically trained and was drawn in to playing jazz whilst a student at university in Liverpool.  (His band once allowed the interval spot to be played by a new, young, group called The Beatles!!)  Tony’s speciality is meaningful, melodic playing and he doesn’t give in to the desire to be ‘flashy’ as some reed players do.  He plays clarinet, alto sax and tenor sax equally well (and sometimes wheels out the bass clarinet!).  When not on jazz duty he can still be found in the clarinet section of a local classical orchestra.

The trumpet/cornet ’chair’ is currently shared by two or three experienced players depending on availability.  MARTIN HORSFALL, PETER RUDEFORTH and MIKE COTTON have all led the band in recent months and each one brings a different programme of tunes so it helps to keep the band ‘fresh’.  They all sing and all value the art of entertaining.  Each one also brings a wealth of experience to the band which can only be a good thing.

JOHN STUART, an excellent banjo and guitar player, is a real asset to the band and is another with years of experience having played with many of the jazz ‘greats’.  He is currently first choice banjo player for the famous ‘Temperance Seven’.

PETER BAKER has been gigging with the band for many years now and has had valuable experience playing with various bands and musicians before working with the Savoy.  His accurate swinging bass playing is a great help to the band and he is, rightfully, regarded as one of the best in the business.  He recently retrieved his violin from the loft and is occasionally featured playing it!

JOHN TYSON, drummer, is the most recent addition to the band (2009) and he too has had experience in other styles of music.  These days a jazz band sometimes needs to take on the roll of the more conventional ‘dance band’ to play at social occasions and John’s experience of different types of rhythm is extremely valuable.  A positive player, he gives the back line a great platform on which to swing.  Together they form a reliable, tight, danceable swinging rhythm section.  In 1998, the personnel and the style of the Savoy Jazz Men changed quite considerably so it was finally decided to change the name to Barry Palser’s Savoy Jazz the music and entertainment in 2007, however, remains as excellent as ever.

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