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George ‘Kid’ Tidiman’s All Stars, Friday, 29th November 2019

GEORGE ‘KID’ TIDIMAN’S ALL STARS will be our band tomorrow, Friday, 29th NOVEMBER 2019.   The guys in the band are (obviously) ‘Kid’ GEORGE on trombone and with him will be PETER LEONARD on trumpet and ALAN CRESSWELL on clarinet & sax.   Then we have our engine boys, JOHN SIRET on double bass, ‘SOUTHEND BOB’ ALBUTT is on banjo & vocals, plus again, KEITH GRANT playing drums.  Bill Finch is still not quite well enough to make the journey (hope you are feeling better soon Bill – Farnborough wishes you well).  We endeavour to bring you great music at our club, but we do need punters to enjoy themselves.  So where are you all lately, the club needs you. (sounds like ‘Your Country Needs You’ ha.)   Diane and Keith – your hosts.

HERE IS AN URGENT MESSAGE: Unfortunately, the ‘Jazz Guide Magazine’ have advertised the band appearing in the week before the Christmas party (Friday 13th December 2019) as being Mike Barry’s band, which is incorrect.  It is definitely BARRY PULSER’S SUPER SIX. They have it correct in the magazine’s website, but not their magazine, quite a conundrum!  As many of you know, Barry has had a stroke, so we don’t want him (or the band) to worry, IT WILL BE BARRY PALSER’S BAND. We all wish (& ‘will’) both Bridget (who has also had an operation) and Barry both, a speedy recovery, we want Barry to get well enough for him to return to playing here again as soon as possible.

ALSO, as you will see, we all make mistakes!   Unfortunately, I failed to add our Christmas Party entrance fee in both Just Jazz and Jazz Guide magazines, thereby it seems to appear as £10.  I must apologise, but the Christmas party is £15, to allow us to pay a better fee to whoever is playing (this year is ‘MARDI GRAS JAZZBAND’). Obviously, jazz bands have never received a much-deserved fee as bands obtain in other genres of music.  In a very small way, Christmas is a time when everyone can show their appreciation.  Bands can earn far more if they played for Corporate Companies’ Christmas parties, but love to see your smiling faces.  At this point, can I ask you to reserve a booking before-hand, if possible, please. Our landline is out of commission, so please call 07704190009, or come to club and tell me, thanks. Diane xx

Mardi Gras JazzBand, 22nd November 2019

MARDI GRAS JAZZBAND’ is run by trombonist ROB PEARCE. He has his lovely band here tonight, Friday, 22 NOVEMBER 2019 at our Farnborough Jazz Club (Kent). He is bringing with him LEIGH HENSON on trumpet & flugelhorn, JOHN ELLMER on his many different reed instruments, PETE CLANSY on double bass, with DON COLES on drums AND  this week, TONY PITT on banjo. This is a band who always bring happiness wherever they go. They often go to New Orleans, so that’s the sort of fun I mean. This year, this band is our Christmas party entertainment (Friday, 20th December). We are already receiving bookings. So, if you want to be included, then book your seat as soon as possible, so not to be disappointed in missing out. Christmas always include many more raffle prizes. You can bring your own food (though not drink please, the bar must make it worth their while staying open for us), but you can bring candelabras if you want. (photos to be added this afternoon, need to shop for tonight’s raffle prizes now!!!!! ) Your hosts, Diane and Keith.

Golden Eagle Jazz Band, Friday 15th November 2019

The GOLDEN EAGLE JAZZ BAND are returning to the FARNBOROUGH JAZZ CLUB (Kent) tonight, Friday 15th November 2019.  Traditional jazz at it best.  KEVIN SCOTT is a happy, cheerful soul and leads the band with strong qualities when playing banjo, singing and generally making us laugh with his humour.  As a result, his band are very loyal to him.  Playing tonight are TONY CARAVIS (trumpet), ALAN CRESSWELL (reeds) with ROY STOKES (trombone & vocals), plus CHRIS THOMPSON (double bass) and MALC MURPHEY (drums & vocals). That’s some great entertainment for just £10.  With a club priced bar and plenty of free off-road parking.  Your hosts are Diane and Keith.

Mike Barry’s Swinging Dixies, 8th November 2019

MIKE BARRY is about to give us all a fabulous treat with the ‘birth’ of his latest band, and he’s calling it ‘MIKE BARRY’S SWINGING DIXIES’. You really shouldn’t miss it – this Friday, 8th November 2019. Band leader and trumpeter MIKE has put together the following swinging musicians, namely reed player, GOFF DUBBER, trombonist & singer MIKE HOLT and pianist GRAHAM BARTON, plus double bassist ANDY LAURENCE and drummer JOHN TYSON.  Together, they will make brilliant music for you to ‘swing’ your hearts away to.  What a fabulous sound they are bound to make.  Mike tells me to look out for a special tune – third song in the second set. It is a tune he doesn’t think bands play today, but was a tune played big time in the ‘swinging’ era.  He also tells me to bring my dancing shoes, so I’m passing that message onto all of you. Come on, get down to the club on Friday, or – as a dear friend used to say to everyone, after a great evening – “boy, did you miss a night”.  So, for £10 entrance, a bit more for use at our club-priced bar and even if you don’t dance, wear some comfortable shoes, so you can tap away all evening to the music.  How’s that for excitement.  Join us, your hosts Diane and Keith. Make it a great success to show Mike, his enthusiastic efforts have been well worthwhile. Phew, did I write that? Di xx

Mike Barry’s Swinging Dixies at Farnborough Jazz Club 8nov2019 Mike (tmpt), Goff Dubber (reeds), Mike Holt (trmb), Graham Barton (piano), Andy Laurence (bs), John Tyson (drms), Photo by Alan Walker

Mike Barry’s Uptown Gang at Farnborough Jazz Club, Kent taken 17 August 2018. ‘Whispering Mike’ Holt (trombone), Mike Barry (trumpet) & Goff Dubber (clarinet). Photo by Alan Walker


England v South Africa -The Rugby World Cup Final Game – 2nd November 2019 in Japan

UPDATE – I was as disappointed as all of you players, that you didn’t win, but why were you so very down – you won – into the Final!  What an achievement – Please, never think your ‘second place’ medal wasn’t worth having!  I was so disappointed seeing you take your medals off. I know I am nobody, but I was so proud of you.  You must set an example to others – especially young kids.  It is worth being second, third and fourth in the world.  I am screaming, thank you all for putting England somewhere, where we are all proud.  My two sisters were at 1966 World Cup game (and one sister was involved with that team) FABULOUS! 

Hey, this is just a quickie, because I am getting things ready for our jazz club for tonight (1st Nov) – See below for ‘Granties Dixie Six’ newsletter.  We shall be getting up – quite tired, but will soon be worked up with excitement, I’m sure, for this wonderful final (thank goodness, our neighbours are rugby fans too).  We spent this morning, watching Wales and New Zealand play, with a disappointing result, for us, but well done New Zealand.  As for tomorrow’s game, may the best team win – Keith and I will be thinking positive and screaming ‘Come on ENGLAND’ – yeah!