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The Temperance Seven, Party 4 December 2022

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A couple of months ago in July/August, I began quietly putting out feelers to see if there would be any interest attending, should we book The Temperance Seven.  Keith and I love them, and know they are incredibly popular and highly professional, but we needed reassurance to see if we could have enough ‘bums on seats’ to cover the cost.   However, we are filling up seats now FAST, so if you don’t want to miss the fun, please act quickly. 
Anyway, this year, we have decided to make this world-famous band our Christmas party.  Tickets are only £15 each.  
Most of you know, The Temperance Seven are famed from the 1960’s, playing 1920s-style jazz.  They are a crazy fun band, very professional and talented. 
You can bring your own food, if you wish, although probably candelabras will be too large for their tables.
Their personnel have changed over the years, but their music and style has stayed the same.  Mack White was one, who went on to form his own band, in which Keith was his drummer.
Mike Deighan wrote from Australia of their recent changes within the band and that they were delighted to say they had secured the services of Peter Rudeforth as permanent replacement for their trumpet player, who has moved sideways into their valve-trombone chair.  Ther vocalist has retired to look after his wife and has been replaced by Kevin Kennedy who played the part of Curly Watts in Coronation Street for many years.  (Pete was trumpet player for Christ Barber’s Band FROM 1980 for over 1,000 times). 
We’re looking forward to seeing lots of smiley face, with some use of the dance floor as well as in the aisle (although we are all a bit out of practice).  You may like to dress up 1920’s style, (but optional).
Date: Sunday, 4th December 2022 held at Farnborough Social Club. Doors open from 1:00pm. Music: 2:00-5:00pm 
For more info- contact Keith & Di: 041-90009 to book & how to pay. 
Don’t leave it too long and be disappointed.

Windy City Weatherbirds, Sunday 20November2022 (2-5pm)

These six young men (namely The Windy City Weatherbirds) must be reincarnated from the jazz magnificence of the West Coast sounds from Bobby Hackett, Jack Teagarden and Louis Armstrong’s talented days, and we are not exaggerating.  But don’t let them know we said so, they will want more money and we would need you here for that, to tell them in person at our place. 

Hey, it will only cost you £10 entrance and I’m sure you have at least three friends who you want to share this Sunday afternoon having a few pints with (cheap club prices) enjoying the fabulous talent with us.  Please look at write-up last time (dated 21 August 2022) for photos.  I write without looking back, then find I repeat myself, sorry, but it’s what I feel.

See you all this Sunday, 20th November 2022 (2-5pm). Where? Run by Farnborough Jazz in the Farnborough Social Club (Kent).

Diane & Keith

Newsletter – Sunday 6nov2022 Force Ten

Band Members:

Alto 1 Lester Barnes                                          Bone 1 Bill Todd

Alto 2 Mike Richards                                         Bone 2 Dave Hervey

Tenor 1 Nick Beston (special guest)                Bone 3 Brendon Peilow

Tenor 2 Warren Corns                                       Bone 4 Geoff Clayton

Baritone Mike Pack

Trumpet 1 Dylan Barnes                                   Piano Dave Barnes

Trumpet 2 James Kirkby                                   Bass Henrietta Barnes

Trumpet 3 Nigel Garrard                                   Drums Brent Keafe

Trumpet 4 Chaz Hollis                                      Guitar Steve Hennings

                          And Special guest    Singer Ruth Fahie

What a fantastic Sunday afternoon we had on 6th Nov 2022, everyone played their hearts out – a great pity if you missed it.

It’s nice how new people are beginning to feel at home here. Thank you all for being so understanding with my difficulty at being unable to speak quickly, plus your names will grow on us – we promise. Hey, we’d love to see a few more of our old friends saying ‘hi’ to us now and then.

Now here’s just a couple of numbers played, to whet your appetite for when we have them back again!  There were several great solos, two to mention

‘Cute’ – (Brent Keafe gave a fantastic drum solo)

‘It Might As Well Have Been Spring’ – (Ruth Fahie sang)

‘Bill Bailey’

Do keep an eye open next year for their return.

Diane and Keith

‘FORCE TEN BIG BAND’, Sunday 6th November 2022 (2-5pm)

FORCE TEN BIG BAND’, yep, its ‘FORCE TEN BIG BAND’ back again, appearing here on Sunday afternoon, (2:00-5:00pm) 6th November 2022. This wonderfully popular band, consisting of seventeen musicians, PLUS Band leader, Lester (& Helen) have also promised us an extra treat of singer, Ruth Fahie.  Let’s fill up the place, with a huge audience to make her first visit, a warm welcome.  All that for only £10 Admission.

Last year, they performed at our second date here at our new venue. We knew we would love them as we had enjoyed them many times at The Warren. We knew most of them from over the years.

They are a jolly lot, playing such a wonderful mixture of jazz styles, (obviously) Big Bands stuff, from the likes of Glen Miller, Benny Goodman, Count Basie and Stan Kenton, plus the songs by fantastic singers, such as the fabulous Ella Fitzgerald, Bobby Darin, Frank Sinatra (my favourite male singer), Plus Tony Bennett and Dean Martin. Whatever your preference of Jazz, you can make a request and if they know it, I know (from The Warren) they will try to include it for you.

We are at Farnborough Jazz at Farnborough Village Social Club (Kent), turn into the slip road called Farrow Field, next to The Woodman Pub – you could have a Sunday roast lunch beforehand, but book prior, to save being disappointed – Sally & Peter Tel: 01689-852663

The Club has a large free car park, plus there is free parking within the Village too.

Diane & Keith