Bob Dwyer’s Bix & Pieces

Bob has been appearing at the Farnborough Jazz Club for many years with his different bands.  In 2010, Bob put this band together and called it ‘Bob Dwyer’s Bix & Pieces’. They made their first appearance at Farnborough on Friday 9th April 2010 and were a great success. As one of London’s most versatile swinging traditional jazz bands, listening and dancing to this band is fun and a most entertaining experience. The musicianship and knowledge of the music played is of the highest quality. The musicians entertaining for your pleasure were at that time:

BOB DWYER – trombonist and vocalist, has been in the business 57years, half that as a band leader (will try to extract more from Bob later!!!!)

MAX EMMONS – trumpeter, is also a great rhythm and blues singer, plus a great harmonica playing.  Back in the 60’s-70’s he played with ‘The Jugular Vein’, a blues band.  He joined Bob back in late 1970’s with the ‘Black Six Jazz Band’.

DUNCAN HEMSTOCK – clarinetist and tenor saxophonist, is an exceptional young talent from an Adelaide, Australia.  See his wonderful recordings on you-tube on:  (uploaded on 20 Jun 2011)

Duncan Hemstock’s birthday message to the Southern Jazz Club.

HUGH CROZIER – pianist and vocalist, simply, one of the best in the business.   See evidence on The Harp Hotel’s video as follows:  (uploaded on 27 Mar 2010)

This version of Wolverine Blues was recorded at The Harp Hotel, Albrighton, Shropshire, England on Sunday, 14 March 2010 at a session with Bob Dwyers Bix and Pieces. This video features Hugh Crozier with a piano solo.

NICK SINGER – banjo, an occasional singer. You’d better believe it!   Nick has played with just about every London band there is (including Keith’s).  He’s a dear old friend of ours too, we go back at least 27 yrs!

JOHN BAYNE – double bass and bass sax. Listen out for his feature number “Elephant Stomp” on bass sax.  See Sutton’s Jazz Club’s video on you-tube:

(uploaded by Sutton Jazz Club Mar 21, 2013)

John Bayne plays a rare novelty piece which i thought worth an airing john on bass sax. Elephant Stomp.

Last, but not least, are the drummers, either

LAURIE CHESCO – drums. Probably the most celebrated drummer on the traditional jazz scene.  Laurie started his professional career back in 1957, playing with the ‘Teddy Layton Band’.  In the same band was Pete Strange (Humphrey Littleton’s trombonist) who was one of this country’s finest players.  Laurie then joined Monty Sunshine’s first band staying for four years.  From Monty, he went to ‘Dick Charlesworth’s Big Blues Band with blues singer, Bobby Breen.  He left Dick to join ‘Bruce Turner’s Jump Band’, appearing at the Edinburgh Festival and Antibes Jazz Festival with Bruce.  He had a long stint with Bob Wallis.  Then followed a short time with George Webb’s re-formed Dixielanders, after which he became the founder member of ‘The Midnite Follies Orchestra’.  Laurie was also a member of ‘The Alan Elsdon Band’, several of whom (including Alan) were also in the Follies.  Laurie has since toured with Wild Bill Davison, Ruby Braff and Yank Lawson.  He has worked with Buddy Tate, Benny Waters, Al Casey, Ralph Sutton, Warren Vaché and many other visiting American stars.  He joined ‘The Alex Welsh Band’ in 1979 and worked in Alex’s band for the last two years of it existing, right up to Alex’s untimely death.  Laurie has never stopped playing, being in several of Keith Nichols’ groups, ‘The Alex Welsh Reunion Band’, ‘Phil Mason’s All Stars’, as well as leading his own band, ‘The Laurie Chescoe’s Good Time Band.  Laurie always has that wonderful smiley face (like Keith – reminding me of the fabulous Gene Krupa grin).



I was unable to find much about Graham’s history (must get him to send us something).  However, I found the following You-tube recording of Graham playing ‘Drum Crazy’) made at The Concorde Club, Eastleigh which says it all. Fantastic and fun, check it out:    (uploaded on 27 Nov 2011)

With Harry Strutters at The Concorde Club, Eastleigh…and the chaos it descended into.
Great Fun – like all musicians you can see this band LOVE their drummer!!

There we have it. Brilliant frontline backed by an exceptional rhythm section.  If anyone can add to this information, please email us.  Thanks. Diane