Hot Lips Oldtime Jazz, from Germany

Plakat_2 Hotlips jazz band

Hot Lips Jazz Band from Germany 2015 (farnborough) (710x543)

The HOT LIPS were founded in 1988 when, after the legendary Turk Street Stompers had disbanded, the band’s remaining members joined together with the Munich Rhythm Kings. Initially, they were particularly fond on the uncomplicated way jazz was being played at the Preservation Hall in New Orleans (and which continues to be played there until today). Since their formation, they have gone on to create their own unmistakable sound, thanks to trumpeter Michael Etzel, who has developed his skills as an arranger over the years to perfection. Currently, their material covers all eras from Ragtime (even without a piano!) to real New Orleans style, including Chicago, Vaudeville, early West Coast and even a bit of Rock ‘n’ Roll. The band not only performs in clubs and concert halls in the greater Munich area, but also tours throughout Germany almost every year. They have also delighted audiences abroad, for example in Austria and Italy. Of course, the band has taken part in various German jazz festivals as well as receiving radio airtime and appearing on television. They are often booked for private events, such as anniversaries, parties, weddings, jubilees and even funerals.

Pictured, from left to right:

Michael “Hot Lips” Etzel (tp/voc/arr), Otmar “George” Dicker (b), Bob Straub (cl/a sax/b sax), Heini “The Tiny” Buckenmaier (dr), Wolfgang E. Ott (bj), Hannes Eickhorst (tb). Hot Lips Jazz Band from Germany 2015 (farnborough)

History of the Band:

  • Founded: 3rd September 1988 in Munich
  • Since  6th January 1991: No change in the line-up!
  • 1993, first CD production: HOT LIPS “…just good music” on WHOOPEE Records.
  • 1997, second CD production: HOT LIPS “… more good music” on WHOOPEE Records.
  • 2006, third CD production: HOT LIPS “just friends” on WHOOPEE Records.
  •  25th October 2013: Big Silver Jubilee celebration in Munich.­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­

HOT LIPS, Michael Etzel, Milbertshofenerstr. 54, 80807 München, Tel: 0173/350705