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Pete Rudeforth Jazz Band, Sunday 7th August 2022

Pete Rudeforth, trumpet

Pete Rudeforth’s Jazz Band is to play for us at our Farnborough Jazz in Farnborough Social Club (Kent) on Sunday, 7th August 2022 from 2:00-5:00pm. Trumpeter, Pete Rudeforth is bringing his own band, good friends Andy Flaxman on trombone, Richard Exall on clarinet & sax, with Tim Huskisson on piano, Sandy Burnett on double bass and John Ellma, with everything he can carry to play with his drums – and what a band!

Where do I start! What a great line-up to to list for you! But how do we present these musicians to you! It never surprises me just how more brilliant I find names listed to me, to describe and if you haven’t already come across, who will be playing for you next. I know many of you have been lucky to have already seen/heard these giants locally (at Sidcup). So I hope some of you will turn up to enjoy them again. [We were so lucky to consider ourselves great friends of George Webb, who was known to instigated traditional Jazz to this Country.]

It is not surprising I am losing my memory a tad, with so many great names I have stored in my memory….. hmm, now we have another three to to recall and enjoy ….

Andy Flaxman, trombone

1. Trombonist Andy Flexman  had 22years with HM Coldstream Guards, leaving in 1997 to join the Syd Laurence Orchestra, The Glen Miller Orchestra (UK) and The Len Phillips Big Band (we watched the 2nd program of ‘Len Phillips100 years of big Bands’ on Sky Arts last Monday – fantastic, try to get it on catchup). I envisage with all that experience, a strong personality who has huge lungs for that trombone

Richard Exall. Clarinet

2. Clarinettist Richard Exall so much to tell … another one with a great deal of experience … again I will mention just some greats that he has played regularly with – Pasadena Roof Orchestra, Harry Strutters Hot Rhythm Orchestra (I managed to get them for Keith’s 80th Birthday party) and plenty of Latin American experience.


Sandy Burnett, double bass

3. Double bassist Sandy Burnett – Oh wow, having spent just a short read up about you Sandy, a composer, a lecturer, an interviewer, a broadcaster, an Art Society lecturer, too much to mention, with a list of people you have played with, also too long to mention here. phew! 

Keith and I will definitely enjoy our selves to absolute extreme on Sunday – we already know Tim and John 

John Ellmer, drums

Tim Huskisson, piano

and have done for some years, have also come to enjoy Pete like a dear friend and probably enjoy them, just as ‘a matter of fact’. However, I promise you, we will not be taking you for granted, with your life of learning and further experiences between you, on this Sunday. You all deserves some recognition from our local public, just as is done from the big general public.

We hope our friends give you their Sunday afternoon.

Obviously looking forward to meeting you on the 7th August.

Diane and Keith