The Empire Theatre Poster 1959 Tony Brent & Leslie Baguley (old theatre posters are available)

Title: Tony Brent
ID: 2003627_24772280
Theatre The Empire
Year: 1959
Description: Monday, 27th July, 1959.
performances are twice nightly, at 6.00pm and at 8.15pm.
Acts featured on this Playbill include: Tony Brent, ‘…Columbia’s Recording Star’; Chic Murray (‘The Tall Droll’) and Maidie (‘The Small Doll’); Al Koran; Ross and Howitt; Emerson Jayne; Skating Merenos and finally, Jeffrey Lenner.
Acts include: Tony Brent, Chic Murray, Al Koran, Jeffrey Lenner, Emerson Jayne, Skating Merenos
Tony Brent