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Baby Jools’ Jazzaholics, 22nd August 2014

‘BABY’ JOOLS JAZZAHOLICS gave us yet another wonderful evening here at Farnborough Jazz Club on Friday, 22nd August 2014.Leader and drummer JULYAN ALDRIDGE was given the stage name of ‘BABY’ JOOLS by Max Collie (after famous drummer ‘Baby’ Dodds). He was joined by DENNY ILETT on trumpet, KARL HIRD on saxes, MIKE OWEN on trombone, ‘GENTLEMAN’ JIM McINTOSH (over from Germany) on banjo (+ intros on ‘mike’) and TREFOR ‘FINGERS’ WILLIAMS on double bass, what a great line-up (certainly brought back our Phil Mason days, with Jim and Trefor on board – also keeps Phil’s memory alive). Another brilliant evening of wonderful traditional jazz ensued and once again a good appreciative audience. The boys played ‘Why Don’t you all Go, Down to New Orleans’ (‘Baby’ Dodds influence?). Mike sang it and certainly was marvellous. The next numbers were ‘Roses of Picardy’, followed by ‘Ciribiribin’, with plenty of dancers already enjoying the magic. You may recall I sent a comment to composer, Jack Lawrence, not my usual thing, but felt compelled. I found out he was actively replying in his late nineties. So I love to hear his number played. After last week, once again the band had a request for ‘Bourbon Street Parade’. Obviously the ‘brolly’ parade occurred, which always adds a little bit of colour. It was Denny’s turn to sing and he chose ‘I’m Alone Because I Love You’, a lovely number I don’t think has been sung at our club before. ‘The Sheik of Araby’ followed and what an exciting rendition from everyone, especially the drum solo from Jools. Next one to recall was ‘Jambalaya’ another brilliant one and nicely sung by Denny. ‘Mr Pawn Broker’ has to have a mention, with Mike singing it, plus his trombone, Denny’s trumpet, Karl’s sax and of course Jim’s banjo playing were excellent, oh hell, they all excelled. Their last and very apt number was ‘Get Out of Here and Go on Home’. I’m sure they wanted to escape to their homes (afar) as they were playing in Penzance the next day, but still they put their ‘all’ into the number. Well done boys and thanks.

When I write these newsletters, I worry that as a reader, you will find it boring, but I like to give a picture of what the evening was like, to conjure up the scene for you. However, there is nothing like being at a performance ‘live’, so check it out for yourselves and see you next Friday for Barry Palser’s Super Six (they really are six super stars).

Diane and Keith

‘Bourbon Street Parade’ – Paul Barbarin (c. 1953)
‘Ciribiribin’ – (m&l) Harry James & Jack Lawrence (1939) (based on melody by Alberto Pestalozza -1889)
‘Get Out Of Here and Go on Home’ – Buddy Bolden
‘I’m Along Because I Love You’ – (m) Ira Schuster, (l) Joe Young (1930)
‘Mr Pawn Broker’ – B. B. King (1960)
‘Jambalaya (on the Bayou)’ – Hank Williams (1952)
‘Roses of Picardy’ – (m) Haydn Wood, (l) Frederick E. Weatherly (1916)
‘The Sheik of Araby’ – (m) Ted Snyder, (l) Harry B. Smith & Francis Wheeler (1921)
‘Why Don’t you all Go, Down to New Orleans’ – Paul Barbarin (1950)