News letter for last Sunday, 19th June 2022

We had the lovely band, Bob Dwyer’s Bix & Pieces. The wonderful thing about trombone player Bob is he loves to differ his program and sings some great songs. The band had super trumpeter, Mike ‘Magic’ Henry. It is not surprising that Mike was one of the trumpeters chosen by the great Chris Barber to play for his World-famous ‘Jazz and Blues Band’. Yep – he hit that incredible top ‘C’ note! Even the non-jazzers Club Members, who usually stay at the bar, came to listen to one of his solos and some of them actually stayed on. Paula Jackman played both clarinet and tenor sax, along side of Mike, superbly. Graham Collicott, our lovely ol’ pal, who tries so hard to play drums as good as Keith!!!! I’m only joking, he is actually just a bit better than Keith, ha ha. Chris Newman was on Piano, who kindly filled in for Hugh Crozier, had such wonderful lyrical sound. Someone requested a solo of ‘Baltimore Todolo’ a ragtime number, (giving the guys a break) just a real treat. Finally, I must mention Steve Smith, who played lovely double bass. He also filled in at the last minute. We have known him for some years, so we knew he was very capable of doing a fantastic job and would be unfazed. (He was with the ‘Mardi Gras JazzBand’ two weeks ago).

With a line-up like that, It was sure to be a winner.

Diane & Keith

Farnborough Jazz, Kent

‘Baltimore Todolo’ was composed byJames Hubert ‘Eubie’ Blake (1910)