News letter for last Sunday, 5th June 2022

We had a lovely audience for Mardi Gras JazzBand on Platinum Jubilee Sunday (5th June 2022). The band members worked hard themselves, mustering up a few friends. Plus a few of our own friends, some young people, who had often seen Keith’s posters and decided to come, plus old friends who bought extra raffle prizes that certainly added to the fun, due to me still trying to work the raffle machine (you had to be there to understand). Rob’s guys were brilliant, somehow there was a difference between how they sounded in the past. Keith and I both felt it. Was it because of the long Covid lock-downs? Were they all forced to practice more? I don’t mean they were bad before, I just noticed a certain relaxed beautiful togetherness. Please take that as a wonderful compliment guys. I loved the fact that the Social Club members all popped in to say what a great band, some remaining to watch.

Diane and Keith