Dave Ware’s Dixie Hotshots, Friday 9th February 2018

Hey, guess who is here on FRIDAY 9TH EBRUARY 2018?

Hershey and the Hotshots play for the first time at Farnborough Jazz Club on 4th December 2015. (LtoR) Paul Taylor (trombone), Graham Collicott (drums), Peter Leonard (trumpet&vocs), Roger Curphey (double bass), Tim Huskisson (clarinet&alto sax) and Andrew Clancy (piano). Photo by Jill Alex

We have DAVE WARE’S DIXIE HOTSHOTS, but WITHOUT Dave Ware!!!!  Seriously, poor ol’ Dave fell over in his garden and smashed his lip.  Well it goes without saying, trumpeters do not need to damage their lips, do they!  Oh well, bless him, he has replaced himself with a super trumpet player, PETER LEONARD.  Peter has played here at FARNBOROUGH JAZZ CLUB a few times with other bands (see photo) and we can certainly vouch for him.   Anyway, Dave is sending us his usual band, but without Norman Ball too, as he is also under par.  So the band is  PETER LEONARD (trumpet & vocals), JOHN LEE (saxes), JOHN FINCH (trombone), LYN SAUNDERS (banjo & vocals) ROGER CURPHEY (double bass) and TONY BLACKBURN (drums).  I wont say anymore as Keith and I are being taken out by Jacque and Dave tonight to see The Syd Lawrence Orchestra at Langley Park Social Club and I need to get ready, so see you tomorrow here at Farnborough at 8:00pm.  I shall return either late tonight or in the morning with possibly another photo!



P.S.  Wishing both Dave and Norman a speedy recovery