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Tim Huskisson and Friends – 1st May 2022

Tim Huskisson

Tim Huskisson

TIM HUSKISSON – clarinet       PETER RUDEFORTH – trumpet

CHRIS GOWER – trombone           PAUL SEAL – guitar/banjo

ROGER CURPHEY – double bass       ROD BROWN – drums

The guys in this band are Tim’s good friends, yes he’s been their friends for some years.  Tim is our friend too – he’s also been our friend for some years.

Well – we expect a lot of you to turn up in your hordes too, ‘cos I don’t know anyone who doesn’t really like him – and that also reflects in his traditional jazz (sorry to embarrass you Tim – who luv’s yer babe?).

Well I don’t really need to say anything more, except to say we start at 2:00pm till 5:00pm and only charge £10. 

30apr2022: I have just re-published this news letter today.  Our ‘Cable’ was found to be completely perished and had to be replaced.  No wonder I had years of dreadful trouble – and why I learned some naughty words.  Di 

Peter Rudeforth plays trumpet for ‘Granties Dixie Six’ at Farnborough Jazz Club, Kent 8feb2019. Photo by Alan Walker,



Another great photo of Roger Curphey (double bass) – a real action one playing with Alan Clarke (drums) for Phoenix Dixieland Jazz Band at Farnborough Jazz Club (Kent) on 5th June 2015, Photo By Mike Witt. 

Write-up for 2022 April 17th – Windy City Weatherbirds

I am writing a few words to describe just how much we enjoyed the experience of this Sunday, although I cannot really show just how superb the excitement was felt, you just had to be there. What a truly wonderful session of jazz – these guys are so incredibly authentic with their choice of Chicago jazz in a west coast style. They are young (in their twenties), but professional with their feeling felt for those past maestro’s.

Magnus, came playing with a cornet (I’m told an old Besson). Wow, what a beautiful sound – and he sang in the same authentic way. Plus Daniel, with his smooth trombone playing too. Yep, equally great, was Joe’s clarinet AND his tenor sax, wowie. What three incredible brothers, Keith and I enjoy seeing how they smile with pride at each other’s playing of solos and we know they will be a great success on the Circuit. This includes their friends as well … Chris on double bass also played so warm-hearted and Harrison, just as exciting on guitar, which he told me, was the difference between Chicago jazz and New Orleans Jazz.  And last, not least, Adam playing those drums … so perfectly great … nothing but wonderful …

…………………………they are back 21st  AUGUST 2022

Diane and Keith

Windy City Weatherbirds, 17th April 2022, Easter Sunday Afternoon (2:00pm-5:00pm)

‘Windy City Weatherbirds’, is a newly-formed band of six very fine, extremely talented young musicians.  Three brothers, three  friends – met at the Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance.  How proud their parents must be, especially Mr & Mrs Pickering. 

Keith and I run this Jazz Club, love jazz in most of its forms.  We came across ‘The Mick Collins Jazz Orchestra’ in The H.G. Wells Centre in Bromley, Kent, UK (since raised to the ground), we enjoyed the brilliance of their professionalism and thus became firm fans.  Mick took great pride encouraging  many graduates to join to give them a start, so they would gain confidence.  It was always a thrill for us too, to enjoy their excitement at joining these well- great professionals and to ‘grow’ in confidence.  It was so sad for all, when Mick died, but his wife, Trisia (who had supported his efforts for so many years), was determined to keep his wonderful work alive, as did all the musicians. 

Last year, between bad Covid times, Keith asked Magnus Pickering, if he would like to put together a group and play in traditional style jazz, to which he agreed? Keith suggested to Magnus they think up a name to call themselves. ‘The Windy City Weatherbirds’ was the name they wanted.  Keith was worried it wouldn’t be commercial enough, so came up with various ones, but I said to let them keep the name, being young. They had actually thought up the name, for very good reason – to describe the Chicago-sounds of Bobby Hackett and Jack Teagarden. that they loved.  I am sure Mick would be so proud of this spin-off.  I know Keith and I are just as proud, as I’m sure Tricia must be of these ‘Birds’ – so many ‘proud’s’, aye.

So now let us introduce these likeable guys, they are:   
                               ‘The Windy City Weatherbirds’
      Magnus Pickering – cornet                 Joe Pickering – Clarinet
                                     Daniel Pickering – trombone 
      Harrisson Dolphin – guitar        Chris Hyde-Harrison – bass
                                            Adam Merrell – Drums

 Their first public appearance was on Sunday afternoon

                (2:00 till 5:00pm) 5th December 2021 £10 

                 at our Farnborough Jazz Club (Kent, UK) 

Their second appearance is this Easter Sunday afternoon

                (2:00 till 5:00pm) 17th April 2022,   £10

                                                        again at our Farnborough Jazz Club. 

Come over and enjoy a great young jazz band on a happy Easter Sunday afternoon – pop over early and enjoy a meal in The Woodman Pub, phone them to ensure they are not fully booked, to avoid disappointment.

Mick Collins Legacy Jazz Orchestra – 3rd April 2022

This wonderful 15pce Orchestra, ran by Mick Collins’, has existed for many years – Keith and I were introduced by dear friend, Don Leach (late) who ran jazz himself (took over some of our gigs, when I was ill back in the day) and led it to the success it is  now and further run in Knockholt – Sevenoaks ect. (ooh did I digress} But wow, were we drawn into a fabulous sound of regular monthly entertainment.  First at The H.G.Wells Centre in Bromley (Kent, UK) that has since been razed to the ground – and since moved to Sundridge Park, SE London (1st Monday of the month £10).  They were relaxed – chatty, never seem to be ready, but from the moment they struck their first note, they were together and whatever they were about to play, it was fantastic – we were hooked!  Now we hope to help Tricia add to their gigs – they deserve it…..

Jolly Good Timers – 20th March 2022

Hey – what a great time this jolly lot gave us.  First time they performed – although not strictly so.  This band is a six-piece derived from the seventeen-piece fun musicians  ‘Force Ten Big Band; who play such favourite songs.  I shall be adding more to this.

Phoenix Dixieland Jazz Band – 6th March 2022

Phoenix have been with us for what seems a lifetime – a band begun by a friend of Keith’s – Robin Coombs (clarinet).  He was taken extremely ill a few years ago, whilst in Dubai (I think) and flown home as it happens to Biggin Hill Airport.  He got better – and continued playing for a time, Then decided to retire to Devon /Cornwall and handed the band to Allan Clarke (drummer).  He made a lovely job of it too – great drummer (teaches too, I believe he still does).

I shall return to add more later.

Barry Palsers Super Six – 20th Februarry 2022

Unfortunately, 30th February 2022, was booked back on 25th February 2021, but sadly a Christening booking had been missed by the management of our new club.  Of course with all the dreadful coronavirus and the rules they had to deal with, we had no choice, but to ask Bridget Palser and Peter Rudeforth to cancel.   Everyone concerned at the club was very apologetic  We have rebooked later in the year.  Of course it couldn’t have happened at a sadder time for us all.  We wanted to give our biggest send off to Barry.                            We have all been in such a dreadful place these last two and half years – so many painful losses, both personal and public, aye.  We will never recover, I’m sure, but I intend making the rest of my time that I might have left, enjoy all of the wonderful music all you magical people have given to me –  If I have 10 minutes or ten years left – Barry was definitely one of those magical people I was proud to count as knowing.

The Windy City Weatherbirds – 5th December 2021

F A R N B O R O U G H    J A Z Z   –   N O W   A T


(Every first Sunday of the Month)

Sunday, 5th December 2021 – 2-5pm

T H E   W I N D Y   C I T Y   W E A T H E R B I R D S

A talented group of six young musicians who met when at Trinity & Guildhall School of Music 

They will entertain you with their fantastic talent, playing the likes of Bobby Hackett & Jack Teagarden

       They will be bringing some friends with them to have            a sit-in – adding to the fun 

Admission: £10

Last date before Christmas – so extra fun raffle 

 (bring candelabras  if you want)

Farrow Fields, next to The Woodman Pub

High St, Farnborough, Orpington BR6 7BA

Bus route 358 – every 20mins on Sundays)

Free parking, dancing, comfy seats & club-priced drinks

Information: Keith & Diane 077-041-90009