Mahogany Hall Stompers, Friday 19th April 2019

Mahogany Hall Stompers at Farnborough Jazz Club on 13th March 2015. Leader BRIAN GILES (crnet), TIM HUSKISSON (rds), REX O’DELL (trmb&vocs), ‘SOUTHEND BOB’ ALLBUT (bnjo&vocs), CHRIS MARCHANT (drums) & EDDY JOHNSON (d.bass). Photo by Mike Witt.

The Band leader of MAHOGANY HALL STOMPERS is BRIAN GILES.  Brian, who plays cornet, will be back with us Friday 19th April 2019 at FARNBOROUGH JAZZ CLUB (Kent).  He has booked TIM HUSKISSON (playing clarinet & alto sax), plus trombonist COLIN GRAHAM, with singer & banjoist ‘SOUTHEND BOB’ ALBUTT.   The band’s regular drummer, Chris Marchant has found it necessary to give up drumming hopefully not permanently (we wish him and his wife our best wishes and thanks).  Meanwhile, please will you give a great Farnborough welcome to their new permanent drummer, BARRY CRICKMORE, who is to play here for the first time.  Also, whilst Roger Curphey is still under the weather, Brian has been booking ALAN MORGAN to play double bass with the band.  Sorry to be repetitive, but we do expect a great session.  With such a lot of lovely weather recently, you just have-to come out and spend an evening with us – your weekly dose of jazz at Farnborough.  Happy Easter everyone and hey, just because I said no Easter eggs in the next raffle, it’s not true, I lied ha ha – we just cannot let you go without a once-a-year treat – nothing like an Easter egg, is there – aye?  You’ll just have to do an extra lot of dancing tonight in preparation for those lovely luxuriously smooth, magnificent and mouth-watering, self-spoiling, fabulously appetising, delicious, gorgeous sumptuously fresh chocolate Easter eggs – oh hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm wow, my tongue is dribbling.  See you tonight at 8.00pm (till 11.00pm).  Yes, of course we have a bar! Your hosts Diane and Keith

Chris Marchant (drums) & ‘Southend Bob’ Albutt (banjo) of Mahogany Hall Stompers at Farnborough Jazz Club, 13Mar2015. Photo by Mike Witt.
Alan Morgan plays double bass, seen here as one of Barry Palser’s Super Six at Farnborough Jazz Club (Kent) on 12th February 2016, with John Tyson on drums. Photo by Mike Witt.
Mahogany Hall Stompers at Farnborough Jazz Club on 13th March 2015. (LtoR) Chris Walker (drums), Tim Huskisson (clarinet), Brian Giles (trumpet) & ‘Southend Bob’ Allbut (banjo). Photo by Mike Witt.
Mahogany Hall Stompers at Farnborough Jazz Club (Kent) on 20th May 2015. (LtoR) Colin Graham (trombone), Chris Marchant (drums), Brian Gyles (band leader & trumpeter), ‘Southend Bob’ Albutt (banjo).). Photo by Mike Witt.