Golden Eagle Jazz Band, 1st June 2018


Golden Eagle 17jul2015 22.01 – 00




Alan Alan Cresswell plays clarinet,, accompanied by Kevin Scott playing with Golden Eagle Jazz Band at Farnborough Jazz Club (Kent) on 17th June 2016. Photo by Mike Witt.




Tony Karavis plays trumpet with Golden Eagle Jazz Band at Farnborough Jazz Club, 24 November 2017. Photo by Mike Witt.





GOLDEN EAGLE JAZZ BAND will play at the FARNBOROUGH JAZZ CLUB (Kent) tonight, Friday 1st June 2018.    Band leader, KEVIN SCOTT, who plays tenor banjo & sings, has booked TONY KARAVIS on trumpet, ALAN CRESSWELL on reeds, plus ROY STOKES on trombone & vocals, CHRIS THOMPSON on double bass and MALC MURPHEY on drums.  Keith and I are unable to be with you, so you will have a lot of fun with your hosts, John and Len (the two 007’s) – always ready to make the evening successful making sure everyone enjoys themselves, just like this band does.  So be there and enjoy.