Mike Barry’s Uptown Gang, Friday 9th March 2018

Mike Barry, Band leader & trumpeter singing at Farnborough Jazz Club(Kent) in 2017. Photo by Mike Witt.

Dave Rance on trumpet with his Rockin’ Chair Jazz Band at Farnborough Jazz Club (Kent) on 12th June 2015. Photo by Mike Witt.

It’s FARNBOROUGH JAZZ CLUB (Kent) calling and YIPPEE – WE ARE OPEN TONIGHT, Friday, 9th March 2018 and it’s with MIKE BARRY’S UPTOWN GANG. 

Oh dear, I have just heard MIKE has had a nasty fall, badly hurting his knee and sadly will not be with us tonight.  However, he has got hold of band leader &trumpeter DAVE RANCE to take his place.  Dave will have the usual UPTOWN GANG, namely TIM HUSKISSON on reeds, WHISPERING’ MIKE HOLT on trombone (who also sings), JOHN STUART on banjo & guitar, ROGER CURPHY on double bass and GRAHAM COLLICOTT on drums.  Thank goodness that very cold spell looks like it has gone and Spring is on its way – those lovely little flowers are appearing.  Don’t you just love this time of year, when we have something to look forward to.  Sorry about cancelling last week, but we have only had to do so twice in nearly 30years (always due to extreme bad weather), not bad aye!  Let’s hope we don’t have to resort to that again this year.  Anyway, we’re sure you will all be back feeling hungry for some jazz and Dave, with Mike’s band, is just what you (and I) need.  Hey, ‘live’ jazz is what we offer, so get down here (or up, depending on where you live!) and join us for that fix.

Your hosts, Diane and Keith