Phoenix Dixieland Jazz Band, 23th February 2018

Phoenix Dixieland Jazz Band at Farnborough Jazz Club, Kent. Xmas party on 15th December 2017.  Paul Higgs (trumpet), Charles Sherwood (clarinet), Bill Todd (trombone), Dave Barnes (piano), Roger Curphey (d.bass) and Allan Clarke (drums). Photo by Mike Witt.

The PHOENIX DIXIELAND JAZZ BAND, as Brucie (Sir Bruce Forsyth) would say, ‘you are our favourite’ at FARNBOROUGH JAZZ CLUB (well one of them, ha).  They and are here this Friday 23th February 2018.  The musicians will be PAUL HIGGS (iridescent trumpet), CHARLES SHERWOOD (clarinet), BILL TODD (trombone/voc), ALLAN CLARKE (drums), ROGER CURPHEY (double bass) and this time, pianist ALAN BERRY.  Alan has played with many greats.  For many years, he worked with the jazz programme ‘The Jazz Club’ on BBC Radio (now Radio 2).  Be prepared to hear some fabulous jazz and I know you’ll leave with a big smile on your face.

Your hosts, Diane and Keith

P.S. DON’T FORGET 4-IN-A-BAR+1 playing Smooth Jazz this Sunday afternoon, 25th February 2018, 3:00-6:00pm at Ye Olde Whyte Lyon, see ‘PAGE’ above, next to ‘HOME’