‘New Orleans Heat’, Friday, 3rd March 2017

          Barry Grummet – Piano and Band Leader

Fabulous news for you.  We, at at FARNBOROUGH JAZZ CLUB, have booked that well-known jazz band, ‘NEW ORLEANS HEAT’, to play here as part of their March 2017 tour.  They begin this tour with us on Friday, 3rd March 2017 They last appeared here July 2014 and we had so much fun with them then, that we are pleased they are travelling down and stopping off here again.  This is a highly popular 7-piece band and is led by BARRY GRUMMETT – on piano (from Loughborough).  He will be joined by RICHARD CHURCH on trumpet, ROGER BIRD on clarinet, DAVE VICKERS on trombone, ALAN BIRKENHEAD on banjo, MIKE BROAD on double bass and COLIN BUSHALL (from near Gloucester) on drums.  Yep, another great evening expected – certainly we don’t expect a quiet night aye!  Lots of dancing should be the ‘order of the evening’.  Oh – and we have a Shepherd Neame bar (with club prices), a friendly atmosphere and free parking.

Come and meet

Diane and Keith, your hosts.