Bob Dwyer’s BiX & Pieces, 8th July 2016

It was lovely to have BOB DWYER’S BIX & PIECES (a seven-piece band) back at our FARNBOROUGH JAZZ CLUB.   They were here on  Friday, 8th July 2016.  Leader & trombonist BOB, had booked BERNIE HOLDEN on clarinet & alto sax, HUGH CROZIER on piano & vocals, JOHN BAYNE on double bass & bass sax and DAVE PRICE on banjo & guitar.  He also had a couple of guests joining them, namely CHEZ CHESTERMAN on trumpet and GRAHAM CAULICOTTE on drums.  Unfortunately, I had a back problem and so Keith had to go without me to sort out the club … no red table cloths, no refreshments for the band – well that’s not true, they helped themselves and Keith had to kiss everybody (ha – not really).  I eventually scrambled myself down to the club, I think about 9.00pm.  However, I hadn’t brought anything with me to write my notes, so I can’t tell you what tunes they played.  Although, I can say (after a couple of drinks) I did manage to dance a little (even if rather stiffly), that’s the power of their playing.  Oh, I must tell you of the youngster who was bought along by John (I think) and who had a few sit-ins with the band.  His name is MIKE PRESTAGE and he played a ‘mean’ trumpet.  I think he will, or should have a brilliant musical career ahead of him (if he wants).  I am sorry we have no photos again (still no Mike) and although I took some with my old mobile, I have been unable to transfer them to my laptop.  Hopefully, I can get it to work at a later date.  Anyway, Good ol’ favourite’s, ’Barry Palser’s Super Six’ are back this Friday (15th July), so see you all then.

Your ‘Live’ Jazz Hosts,

Diane & Keith (yes we are alive too – ha)