About b) Diane

About b) Diane

Diane Pratt, née Horder, I was born in Catford, London SE6 in ……. oh no! (Well, I’m thirty several and a bit more, plus VAT, you work it out).

When we were very young, my sister June and I used to entertain all the kids in our neighbourhood, they actually paid to see us sing and dance – entrance fee 6d and a drink and a cake 3d!  Anybody out there, who can remember us?

I met my dear husband, Len, when I was aged just 14, we began going out when I was 15 (ahh). We had two children and (now widowed)  have two grandchildren. As my life has been full of tragic events, I will not iterate, as Keith’s life is so much more fun to read. I will just add that Jazz, dancing and friendships go a long way. To help anyone who has experienced the same, please try to LAUGH at anything bad that comes your way, be strong. Also, to all you single ladies, jazz clubs are safe places to come to on your own.

Not much about my life, although I have been inventive in three areas, not yet on the market (one to do with the music world). So perhaps one day I shall have something to tell about myself. Meanwhile, go to Keith’s history, he’s much more interesting.

Diane Pratt

P.S. Just a quick funny, we knew the man who produced The News Shopper, the late Peter Croxford (a jazz lover). He was very eloquent with words. One evening, we were out having a drink with him and out of the blue he said “You don’t mind your name, do you Diane!” I said no, and he said, “but you really don’t mind it, do you! I said no, I wouldn’t have married the name, if I was that worried and anyway, I was called all sorts of names – my son calls me cretin and my daughter calls me Deirdre. He said he didn’t like that. I replied Oh, it’s only in fun. But he answered “the next time your son calls you a cretin, you call him a coprolite”. I asked him “What is a coprolite?” He said “It’s a fossilised turd, but don’t tell him, let him find out”.

Published Mar28, 2009 @ 13.39