‘Barry Palser’s Super Six’, 29th August 2014

‘BARRY PALSER’S SUPER SIX’ once again came to Farnborough Jazz Club, Kent, on Friday, 29th August 2014.

Barry Palser

Barry Palser

Trombonist BARRY’s band of musicians were PETE RUDEFORTH (trumpet), JOHN CROCKER (reeds/vocals), TONY PITT (banjo), HARVEY WESTON (double bass) and JOHN TYSON (drums). Before you all turned up, Keith and I enjoyed John (C) warming up and boy oh boy, he was better than most during those practice moments (don’t be offended all you clarinettists – it’s just true, ha). Well if that was any indication of what was to come, we were not wrong. They had to follow on from the previous two fantastic Fridays (especially as one of them was Tony’s own band). However, they did just that. Once again, I will give you the picture of what you missed if you were not there. With numbers such as ‘All of Me’, which was sung by John (C), who has a wonderful voice. I love the next number being ‘Running Wild’. Pete sang it and John (T) gave a marvellous drum solo with Harvey and Tony doing their bit too. Then Barry said their next number ‘I’m Crazy ‘bout My Baby’ is dedicate to Dave Wasket (trumpet player of ‘Vintage Jazz’ fame), “because Davy loved it”. I have found some old info on ‘Vintage Jazz’ (lost off website when it went ‘down’, so have loaded it again). It was our turn to do our line-dance to ‘My Blue Heaven’, which Barry sang. Once again, John (C) commented about us being the ‘Roly Polys’. Thanks John, quite a compliment, I know we are all amazing dancers. However, it’s alright girls, I think he was referring to my size only (cheeky – John I mean, not my derrière, hmmm). Anyway, my next choice of song was played beautifully by them all, that being ‘Creole Love Call’, a great number. John followed on to be featured on tenor sax with ‘Honeysuckle Rose’, such a talent, so superb. Then it was Pete’s turn to be featured on trumpet. He played fabulously ‘Davenport Blues’. I wrote the word ‘Brilliant’ against ‘Oh Lady Be Good’. George Gershwin songs always bring on the dancers and I remember everyone excelled, need I say more? I finish up though with ‘Just a Little While to Stay Here’. It was sung by Barry and what I particularly loved, was halfway through, the three front liners singing in harmony. Yes another excellent evening.

See you this coming Friday, 5th September 2014 (doors open to you at 8.00pm, time to relax for music at 8:30pm). Don’t forget we have ‘The Martyn Brothers’ and another wonderful evening expected!

Keep supporting us, so we can keep giving you this great entertainment every week.


Diane and Keith

‘All of Me’ – Gerald Marks & Seymour Simons (1931) (Ruth Etting Song)
‘Creole Love Call’ – © Duke Ellington (1928) (lost court case by Joe ‘King’ Oliver (1923)
‘Davenport Blues’ – Bix Beiderbecke (1925) – named after his hometown.
‘I’m Crazy ‘bout My Baby’ – Thomas ‘Fats’ Waller & Alex Hill (1931)
‘Honeysuckle Rose’ – (m) Thomas ‘Fats’ Waller, (l) Andy Razaf (1928)
‘Just a Little While to Stay Here’ – Eugene Monroe Bartlett (1884-1941)
‘My Blue Heaven’ – (m) Walter Donaldson, (l) George A. Whiting (1924)
‘Oh Lady Be Good’ – (m) George Gershwin, (l) Ira Gershwin (1924)
‘Running Wild’ – (m) A. Harrington Gibbs, (l) Joe Grey & Leo Woods (1922)