‘Bob Dwyer’s Bix & Pieces’, 8th August 2014

‘BOB DWYER’S BIX & PIECES’ appeared on Friday, 8th August 2014 here at the Farnborough Jazz Club, Kent. Leader BOB, on trombone & vocals, was joined by MAX EMMONS on trumpet, harmonica & vocals, BERNIE HOLDEN on clarinet & sax, HUGH CROZIER on piano & vocals, JOHN BAYNE on double bass & bass sax, NICK SINGER on banjo & vocals and DENNIS SMITH on drums. So how did it go? Well, they gave us such a wonderful variation of music. When I look at my notes, once again I had ticked too many tunes to mention, so I hope Bob and the gang like my choices. They started off with a good old trad number which immediately brought on a couple of dancers, ‘Canal Street Blues’. Another fabulous number was sung by Max, who also played his harmonica, with John choosing bass sax to the number ‘Me and the Devil’ (written by Robert Johnson, whose life was short-lived – 27yrs – did he have a sixth sense? I hope not!) Hugh had a bad journey and arrived a little late, but went ‘straight on’ without a breather, featuring both great vocals and piano with ‘Oooh! Look-A There, Aint She Pretty’, a lovely jaunty dancing tempo. Bob followed up with his vocals to ‘No Regrets’. I’ve said it before, Bob also has a lovely voice. Another vocalisation came from Nick with ‘Alexander’s Ragtime Band’, with again John playing bass sax (‘Big Bertha’ as I call it). Nick has a brilliant rough trad jazz voice. ‘Puttin on the Ritz’ was obviously the tune that brought us (Charleston) line-dancers onto the floor (probably about 12 of us this time – tons of fun, cos we don’t care if some of us don’t know what we are doing, thereby getting it wrong sometimes!) The continuing number Max sang brilliantly, being ‘If You’re a Viper’ and again with ‘Freight Train’ too. Once again, he played harmonica, with Bob and Bernie, including the ‘engine’ boys (literally-ha) making the sounds of a train- we just loved it. My last number to tell you of is a famous number of Humphrey Lyttleton’s band, namely ‘Elephant Stomp’. Oh, and that is when John is featured on bass sax. He is spectacular and I aim to video him next time – yes, still working on sorting out videos!!!!! Oh well, when I sort it all out, I shall have to put lighting up for one or two numbers to get better filming. Keep on smiling.

Diane and Keith, jazz lovers, signing off.

‘Alexander’s Ragtime Band’ – Irving Berlin (1911)
‘Canal Street Blues’ – Joe ‘King’ Oliver (1923)
‘If You’re a Viper’ – Stuff Smith (1936)
‘Freight Train’ – Elizabeth ‘Libba’ Cotton (circa 1906)
‘Elephant Stomp’ – Al Ferreri & Yannick Singery (circa 1953)
‘Me and the Devil’ – Robert Leroy Johnson (early 1930’s)
‘No Regrets’ – (m) Roy Ingraham (l) Harry Tobias (1936)
‘Oooh! Look-A There, Aint She Pretty’ – (m) Carmen Lombardo, (l) Clarence Todd (1933)