Laurie Chescoe’s Reunion Band, Friday, 11th July 2014

The great ‘LAURIE CHESCOE’S REUNION BAND’ delighted our audience (again) on Friday, 11th July 2014 at the FARNBOROUGH JAZZ CLUB. Drummer Laurie reunited musicians ALLAN (‘Lord Arsenal’) BRADLEY on trumpet, piano & vocals, JOHN LEE on reeds, ROY WILLIAMS on trombone, HUGH CROZIER on piano & vocals, JIM DOUGLAS on banjo, guitar and PETER SKIVINGTON on bass guitar/bass ukulele. The first number I noted down was ‘Alone Together’, although I remember it was great, I didn’t have time to make extra notes (either busy on ‘the door’, or enjoying a dance). The next number, I recall to begin with, we weren’t sure what to expect. It featuring Hugh with ‘Blaze Away’. However, as it commenced, I recalled that it just happened to be the ‘Saturday morning pictures’ signature song sang as ‘Members of the ABC’ – remember? We all double-time clapped and one audient (Don) emulated a bit from the two Ronnies’ comedy routine. Such a happy bit of simple fun. The next number brought out our line dancers to the floor with ‘As Long As I Live’. (It was written by Arlon and Koel’s for the last show at Cotton Club Parade in 1934 and sung by Lena Horne aged 16!). ‘Young & Healthy’ featured Hugh and Laurie making a great duet (another one written for the film ‘42nd Street’ in which Dick Powell sang). John Lee was featured next with ‘Black and Blue’ and can he play that sax – simply magic.   What a wonderful treat the next number gave us, because it featured Roy Williams this time, playing ’Body and Soul’ (it gives one goose pimples). Now the following number was ‘Carioca’ and takes me back to when I was about 14yrs old. I saw the film it was in – ctrl+click on (thanks Shaun Coruble).  I just loved the dancing and fell in love with the song, so much so, I placed a special order for the record from Dobells of Charing X Rd, London.   ‘I Thank You Mr Moon’ sung by ‘his Lordship’, is one of the band’s favourite and we certainly enjoy them playing it. The last number was ‘China Boy’ and everyone left with big smiles on their faces.

Update:  Sunday lunchtime T.V. 27th July – two weeks after this gig, I watched ‘Flying Down To Rio’! The film that had the ‘Carioca’ dance!!!!!! Co-incidence?  Or did Laurie know the film was going to be aired?


Diane and Keith

‘Alone Together’ – (m) Arthur Schwarz, (l) Howard Dietz (1932)
‘As Long As I Live’ – (m) Harold Arlen, (l) Ted Koehler (1934)
‘Black and Blue’ – (m) Fats Waller, (l) Harry Brooks & Andy Razaf (1929)
‘Blaze-Away’ – (m) Abraham ‘Abe’ Holzmann (1901)
’Body and Soul’ – (m) Johnny Green (l) Edward Heyman, Robert Sour and Frank Eyton (1930)
‘Carioca’ – (m) Vincent Youmans, (l) Edward Eliscu & Gus Khan (1933)
‘China Boy’ – Phil Boutelje & Dick Winfree (1922)
‘I Thank You, Mr. Moon’ – Abel Baer, Dolly Morse & Dave Oppenheim (1931)
‘Young and Healthy’ – (m) Harry Warren, (l) Al Dubin (1933)