Lord Napier Hot Shots, 20/6/2014

THE LORD NAPIER HOT SHOTS appeared for the first time at FARNBOROUGH JAZZ CLUB on Friday 20th June 2014. The members of the band were leader MIKE DUCKWORTH (trombone), MIKE JACKSON (trumpet), PAT GLOVER (reeds), LYNN SAUNDERS (banjo), MICK SCRIVEN (double bass & bass sax) and ARTHUR FRYATT (drums) [‘live’ – private joke, see below]. Five band members play with the British Airways band and some play regularly with The Lord Napier’s band, one of South London’s most famous jazz pubs (the original house band was Bill Brunskill’s Jazzmen for very many years). Anyhow, the jazz was lovely and they chose to play (amongst others) such numbers as Ruth Etting’s hit ‘All of Me’, sung by Pat, with Mick (S) playing Bass sax (Mike (J) called it a ‘drainpipe’). ‘Basin Street Blues’ was another great number, with Mike (J) singing (he’s got a lovely voice) and I noted Mike (D) playing brilliant trombone. Then Arthur sang next with ‘Sweet Sue, Just You’, who also has a great jazz voice. Lynn played a fabulous banjo solo. What came next was Arthur, who just shone ‘doing the business’ on washboard of course, with ‘Coney Island Washboard’. Lynn sang (yep, another great voice) performing ‘All I Do Is Dream of You’. Mike (J), mentioning another venue bringing out umbrellas when they played the next number he introduced, namely ‘Bourbon Street Parade’. Immediately, a ‘regular’, Steve rushed out to his car, produced some umbrellas and four or five of us did our ‘parade’, just a lovely bit of fun. Then Arthur changed again to playing washboard to ‘Nobody’s Sweetheart Now’. Pat was featured next with ‘Smiles’. Not many people know Pat was an absolutely brilliant whistler, but after having some dental treatment, he has not been able to. I requested him to try, but he was so unsure he would be able to, so didn’t want to upset anyone. However, he did perform fabulously on clarinet instead. Well done Pat. To continue … once again a star, Arthur played a wonderful drum solo to ‘Rosetta’, with the whole band, giving their all. What a happy evening of ‘live’ jazz and I came away (as I’m sure others did) feeling set up for the next week. Thanks guys.

Diane & Keith

P.S. Arthur is a very special person in my eyes. I must mention some time ago, I heard Benny Cohen had passed away, a wonderful trumpeter, who had played for us many times. I was about to announce this, when somebody told me Arthur (who was in Mike Daniels’ Delta Jazz Band) had also passed away. Unfortunately, a couple, who were friends of both Arthur and Mike, were in our audience and got in touch with Mike straight away. Saturday morning, the phone went and a voice said ‘Hi Diane, its Arthur here”. “Oh” says I, “Where are you calling from, up top, or down below?” I was so lucky Arthur took it so well, he could have blown my head off, but we had a good laugh instead. That’s musicians for you!

‘All I Do Is Dream of You’ – (m&l) Nacio Herb Brown (m), Arthur Freed (1934)
‘All of Me’ – Gerald Marks & Seymour Simons (1931)
‘Basin Street Blues’ – Spencer Williams (1926)
‘Bourbon Street Parade’ – Paul Barbarin (c. 1953)
‘Coney Island Washboard’ – (m) Hampton Durand & Jerry Adams, (l) Ned Nester & Aude
‘Nobody’s Sweetheart Now’ – (m) Billy Meyers & Elmer Schoebel, (l) Gus Kahn & Ernie Erdman (1924)
‘Rosetta’ – (m&l) Earl Hines & Henri Wood (1933)
‘Smiles’ – (m) Lee S. Roberts, (l) J. Will Callahan (1917)
‘Sweet Sue, Just You’ – (m) Victor Young, (l) Will J. Harris (1928)
N.B. You can find a rare radio 1937 recording of a slower version of ‘Smiles’ by Judy Garland aged 15yrs on You Tube. Just click on: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ciHyZqy0R98