Bob Dwyer’s Bix & Pieces, Friday 23rd August 2019

BOB DWYER’S BIX & PIECES returns this coming Friday, 23rd August 2019, here at FARNBOROUGH JAZZ CLUB (Kent).   As you know, band leader & trombonist BOB is a great oficionado of Bix Beiderbeck’s music.  He has booked musicians, MALCOLME WALTON (trumpet), with SARAH SPENCER (clarinet, alto & tenor saxes, plus HUGH CROZIER (piano & vocals), JOHN BAYNE (double bass & bass sax) and GRAHAM COLLICOTT (drums).  They are great to listen and dance to.  It would be great to see some of Kent’s Farnbronian jazzers try us, you will love it.  People travel great distances to come because we put on the best.  We have a Shepherd Neame club priced bar, plenty of free off-road parking, plus a wonderful friendly atmosphere and don’t bite.  Your hosts, Diane & Keith