Tony Pitt’s All Stars, 26th July 2019

The fabulous TONY PITT’S ALL STARS are here tonight, FRIDAY, 26th July 2019, at FARNBOROUGH JAZZ CLUB (Kent).  I’ve always said TONY (banjoist/guitarist) brings nothing but the best with him and again, it hasn’t changed.  ALAN GRESTY is on trumpet &vocals, AL NICHOLLS is on soprano &tenor sax, ALISTAIR ALLAN is on trombone, plus  ANDY LAURENCE on double bass and yes, my KEITHIE is playing drums, but don’t let that put you off, he’s promised to try harder and catch his stick – good boy! Thank goodness the weather has cooled down – TONY was playing at Lords in that heat yesterday, so I won’t be wearing a hat tonight (taken it off to him). I had intended having this newsletter done yesterday, but sooooo hot, I was so shaky and couldn’t think straight, so how he and whoever played yesterday managed, well done. One more thing, I think it is a long time since ALISTAIR was here, let’s light up the room with our welcome applause and make him feel at home and if we are lucky, he might do his party piece for us. Join us tonight, your hosts, Diane and Keith. P.S. Sorry no photos, I haven’t time, but if some are done tonight, I will add them in the week.