George ‘Kid’ Tidiman’s All Stars. Friday, 14th June 2019

Hey guys and dolls, come on over and visit us – here at FARNBOROUGH JAZZ CLUB (Kent).  We have heard we are ‘Having a Heatwave’.  At the same time, you can say hi to GEORGE ‘KID’ TIDIMAN and his ALL STARS.  They are playing for us this Friday, 14th JUNE 2019.  We want a special turn-out this Friday – why?  Well just to celebrate a sunny June (just think positive – we’ve had enough rain, wouldn’t you say?).  Anyway, GEORGE’s Stars are to be PETER LEONARD playing trumpet, TIM HUSKISSON playing clarinet & sax, JOHN SIRET playing double bass, ‘SOUTHEND BOB’ ALBUTT playing banjo, plus BILL FINCH is to be on drums.   Oh yes, we have a new Dutch beer called Amstell bier Lager, so try it out on Friday. Diane and Keith