‘Barry Palser’s Super Six’, 23/05/2014

‘BARRY PALSER’S SUPER SIX’ were back to give us their own special entertainment on Friday, 23rd May 2014 here at our Farnborough Jazz Club. Band leader BARRY (trombonist/vocals) (who ran Savoy Jazz Band for more than 55years) had booked ALAN GRESTY on trumpet/vocals (28years with Monty Sunshine Band), JOHN CROCKER on reeds/vocals (34years with The Chris Barber Band), JIM DOUGLAS* on banjo/guitar, HARVEY WESTON on double bass (both with The Alex Welsh Band – Jim 18years & Harvey 6years) and GRAHAM COLLICOTT (drums). They certainly were a contending jazz band to match last week’s and did we enjoy another brilliant evening, we certainly did! As I remarked last week, obviously, all the bands (that appear, or have appeared here) have their own brilliance, bringing their own interpretation of jazz we love, with absolutely fabulous traditional jazz, producing a great club ambiance. So what did they play? Well, they started the evening off with ‘Bourbon Street Parade’, a great favourite (I have no concrete evidence of when Paul Barbarin wrote it, hence circa 1953). The next number, ‘Riverboat Shuffle’ was chosen by everyone to do our line-dance. Barry called us “The Farnborough Jazz Formation Team”, caw Barry, we could end up next year on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’, ha. He then introduced John who sang ‘I’m Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter’. He continued to say John is a fantastic musician, very funny with the jokes and a super singer – a good all-rounder, just like Ian Botham is to cricket. John also carried on to feature the next number, that beautiful song ‘Tangerine’. John showed his wonderful talent playing tenor sax. A hard act to follow, but Alan did so, making a smashing job with singing ‘Baby Won’t You Please Come Home’. What happened next was Barry telling everyone how when I phoned to confirm who would be in the band, he jokingly answered “What, are we with you soon”? With one personal problem after another, I really thought ‘Oh no, I’ve got everything wrong’! So to make up for the shock, Barry dedicated the next number as ‘Christopher Columbus’. Bless him for remembering it was one of my favourites. The next number was ‘Fidgety Street’ great to dance to.   Barry has an excellent jazz voice, shown when he sang ‘Louisiana’, another favourite jazz ‘standard’. They finished up with ‘Back Home Again in Indiana’, completing yet another fabulous evening. Their next date here is 29th August 2014.

Diane & Keith

* Jim has written a book called ‘Tunes, Tours and Travel-it is’. It’s about eighteen years of facts, faces and fun with the Alex Welsh Band, available through Amazon for $13.50, or email us for Jim’s contact details, if you live in England.

N.B. At one point during the evening, Barry mentioned someone had argued the point of who composed a particular number (Barry proving to be correct). Not sure who that was, but I hope if I ever get something wrong, someone will please let me know. I usually try to find original song manuscripts, but not always possible, so please correct me as and when. Thanks.

‘Baby Won’t You Please Come Home’ – (m) Charles Warfield, (l) Clarence Williams (1919)
‘Back Home Again in Indiana’ – Ballard MacDonald & James F. Hanley (1917)
‘Bourbon Street Parade’ – Paul Barbarin (c. 1953)
‘Christopher Columbus’ – Glen Miller, Joe Garland & Andy Razaf (1959)
‘Fidgety Feet’ – Nick LaRocca & Larry Shields (1919)
‘I’m Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter’ – (M) Fred E. Ahlert, (l) Joe Young (1935)
‘Louisiana’ – (m) James Johnson, (l) Andy Razaf & Bob Schaefer (1928)
‘Riverboat Shuffle’ – (m) Hoagy Carmichael, (l) Irving Mills, Mitchell Parish & Dick Voynow (1924)
‘Tangerine’ – (m) Victor Schertzinger, (l) Johnny Mercer (1941)