‘Barry Palser’s Super Six’, Friday 8th March 2019

‘BARRY PALSER’S SUPER SIX’ are back for your entertainment next Friday, being 8th March 2019, at FARNBOROUGH JAZZ CLUB (Kent).  They all managed to survive playing their hearts out for you all at our Christmas Party, so I know they are sure to hear your applause again.  Barry has almost the same guys too, namely PETE RUDEFORTH (trumpet), TIM HUSKISSON (clarinet&sax), BARRY (trombone), with ANDY LAWRENCE (double bass), JOHN TYSON (drums) and TONY PITT (banjo&guitar).  I will treat it as MY CHRISTMAS PARTY – ha (I’m bringing a little Christmas tree for my table and will be insisting on them playing ‘shingle bells’ for me too, hmm).  See you all on Friday for what’s sure to be another cracking evening of great jazz.  Please join us, your hosts, Diane and Keith (working on photos – so please take a peak later on Friday)