Granties Dixie Six, 8th February 2018

GRANTIES DIXIE SIX will be making their debut entrance tonight 8th February 2019 here at FARNBOROUGH JAZZ CLUB (Kent).  Hey last week was horrendous, weather-wise, but a brilliant evening as Rob made it a real party night.  This week, it’s Keith’s own band, with PETE RUDEFORTH on trumpet, JOHN LEE on reeds, BOB DWYER on trombone & vocals. Plus TIM HUSKISSON on piano, ROGER CURPHEY on double bass and KEITH GRANT on drums.  A great line-up aye!  If I can muster some courage, I might even sing a song or two.  Now if you haven’t been before, now’s the time to come.  Start the year of with some brilliant jazz.  The entertainment value is surely worth a visit.  We love to dance here – we certainly love fun.  The bar is a Shepherd Neame (club prices) one and we have plenty of free carparking space.  All this for just a £10 entrance. Come on, what are you waiting for.  See you tonight (from 8:00pm till 11:00pm).

Your hosts, Diane and Keith 

Giants play at Farnborough Jazz Club, Kent 11sep2015. John Crocker (clarinet), Pete Rudeforth (trumpet), John Tyson (drums) on 11th September 2015.
Photo by Mike Witt.
John Lee plays tenor sax seen here on 22nd April 2016 playing for for Laurie Chescoe’s Reunion Band (behind are Jim Douglas, Laurie and Pete Skivington) at Farnborough Jazz Club (Kent) . Photo by Mike Witt.

Bob Dwyer’s Bix & Pieces at Farnborogh Jazz Club on 29Jan2016.
Here’s Tim Huskisson on piano and Murray Salmon on double bass, with Jacki Free’s Chicagoans at Farnborough Jazz Club (Kent) on Friday, 5th August 2016.
Photo by Mike Witt.
Roger Curphey plays double bass with Mike Barry’s Uptown Gang at Farnborough Jazz Club on 8th April 2016. (just showing John Stewart on banjo. Photo by Mike Witt.
Keith Grant has sit-in on drums with Bob Dwyer’s Bix & Pieces at Farnborough Jazz Club, Kent 17th October 2014.
Photo by Mike Witt