Phoenix Dixieland Jazz Band, Friday 30th November 2018

The PHOENIX DIXIELAND JAZZ BAND are back tonight, Friday, 30th November 2018 here at FARNBOROUGH JAZZ CLUB (Kent).   Today is St Andrews Day, so here’s the flag to say happy special day to anyone Scottish.   Drummer, Allan Clarke carried on running the band when Robin Coombs retired.  Tonight Allan has booked MIKE COTTON on trumpet, CHARLES SHERWOOD on clarinet, BILL TODD on trombone/vocs, ALLAN obviously on drums, ROGER CURPHEY on double bass and ALAN BERRY on piano.  Now that is a lovely band, certainly you shouldn’t miss it.  See you all in your hordes.

Diane and Keith – hosting

Great picture aye? Showing AlLan Clarke (drums) and Roger Curphey (double bass) enjoying his pint with the Phoenix Dixieland Jazz Band at Farnborough Jazz Club (Kent) on 5th June 2015. Photo by Mike Witt.


Alan Berry on piano and Roger Curphey on double bass with Phoenix Dixieland Jazz Band on 23 February 2018 at Farnborough Jazz Club, Kent. Photo by Alan Walker